Beef from Eagle Cap Lowlines

eagle-cap-lowlinesThe coop just received another 50 pounds of grassfed AND grass-finished beef from Eagle Cap Lowlines, right here in Baker City. Their beef is all natural, raised without any chemical additives. But what does that mean? To find out, we asked Kathy Parker some questions:

Do your cattle ever get grain, and if so, what kind?
No the cattle are completely grass-fed from start to finish and receive no grain.

Do you use any herbicides or pesticides on your pastures?
No, never.

What does all natural mean?
It means we use no wormers, no hormones, no antibiotics and the cattle are completely pasture raised. Kathy also explained that each package of ground beef comes from a single animal. There is no mixing of meats. If you purchase ground beef from “001″, it all came from a specific animal and Kathy can provide you
full details on that animal.

Do you know the fat content? Grass-fed and finished beef is naturally low in fat and Kathy estimates fat content in the beef at the Co-op at 95 to 97% fat free, so very lean. Grass-fed and finished beef is high in heart-healthy omega 3’s, but remember because it is lean you need to cook at lower temperatures than higher fat meat. “Low and slow” works best for grass-fed meat. If you have more questions about their beef, Doug and Kathy are more than happy to show you around their ranch, which is 10 minutes and 7.1 miles from the Co-op.


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