Attention Co-op Members


The Baker Food Co-op (BFC) is a member-owned and member-supported Co-op. The support of working members and the hours everyone puts in are invaluable and help keep the doors open.
But the Co-op needs additional support.

There is a real need for members interested in the future of the BFC to serve on the Co-op’s Board of Directors. Four director positions (vice president, secretary, and two director at large positions) are up for election in April this year. The terms for directors are two years.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a “true election” with more than one candidate for each position giving our members a choice? Remember Board of Director positions qualify for an “auto 30%” discount.

Are you ready to serve? If so, or for more information please contact our nomination committee, Sheri King (541-403-0164) and Sue Nelson (541-524-0447 or 541-519-5745), or any Board member by March 12th.

There are many ways to support your Co-op as a working member, and I appreciate everyone’s contributions realizing that everybody’s time is valuable. Yet I feel compelled to ask you to please consider another role than what you are currently doing.

Are you ready to serve?


Dennis Winkler, Board of Directors President

Time To Run

Baker Food Co-op has grown and changed significantly since its origin 39 years ago. It has developed from a buying club into a full-fledged business with many thousands of dollars in business, inventory, and property. The Co-op continues to grow, change, and expand to provide health conscious people in the Baker City and Baker County area with high quality food and products at reasonable prices that will contribute to a healthy lifestyle.
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