New Snacks & Beverages for June 2011

Hello June,
rain, snow, hail, or sunshine, never a dull moment. The leaves are out and we have enjoyed the blossoming trees. What’s new in the snacks and beverage department? Um let’s see;

New chips by Kettle, flavors are; Ranch, Cheddar and Sour Cream, BBQ and Sea Salt. We have a new flavor of Back to Nature crackers; the Rice ones are the newest addition.
We have a new flavor of Back to Nature crackers; the Rice ones are the newest addition.
We also have a sprouted cracker by Dr. In the Kitchen — the flavors are Dill or Rosemary.
We have a Go Raw cookie/cracker snack in a Carrot Cake flavor,
these are really good and are moving well.
For beverages we have a whole line of herbal flavored water by Ayala’s. These are good and consist of water and flavor (nothing else!).
I am now carrying pure aloe juice by Lakewood. We also have great selection of aloe drinks by Alo and boy are those good! Our favorite flavor is Appeal.
For those summer sports or for hiking we have lots of natural electrolyte/hydration options that are really good. Try the coconut waters or the powdered coconut for easy mixing on the trail and no bulky containers — just mix and go. It is offered in three
flavors; plain, pomegranate and pineapple.
Our other new electrolyte offer is a blueberry drink.
We also have Knudsen Recharge in a powder single-serve packet for a great price and are easy to use.
There are new flavors of tea by Honest Tea and more Teas’tea.
For candy snacks we have a new flavor of Laughing Giraffe Snackaroos in vanilla almond. Boy these are good, like a macaroon, sweetened with agave.
Check out the new Soft Herb Licorice by Panda; it is made with 17 herbs. We sampled one of these in the Co-op yesterday, it was gone in no time – my daughter loved them!
We have some Go Raw bars that are a great source of protein. So come on in and get some great items for the summer!

Any questions or comments, you can write them on my suggestion/wish list or catch me while I am at the store. I’m there lots :)).

Thank you for allowing me to serve ya, Sarah Miller