New Snacks & Beverages for July

Well Hello, and Happy July, I have lots of things in to keep you cool and hydrated, fueled and full.

Think thin protein bars with 19-20 grams of protein, come in and check out the great flavors.
Pro bars are in and boy are they good, these are both a meal all in its own.
We have a lot of new gums in also, in a wide range of flavors, and these ones are good for your teeth.
I have Yaya’s Popcorn back in three flavors: Cheddar, Herb and Kettle Corn.
There is also a new Stacy’s Pita Chip in Parmesan and Herb.
There are many kinds of soda in made without sugar added–they are sweetened with
fruit juice, a great way to enjoy a bubbly, cool soda. I will be getting in a new root beer in
the next few weeks too so keep and eye out for that.

To keep yourself hydrated naturally come in and get some of the Coconut Water. We have it in ready-to-drink or in a powder form where you can just add it to your water bottle. The powder comes in three flavors: Original, Pom-Raspberry and Pineapple.

The bulk snack section is a great place to find lots of good snacks; we have a whole selection of sesame sticks and chunks of energy to choose from.
Coffee, coffee – now is the perfect time to start making iced coffees. So come on in and get some Raven’s Brew or Dooley Mountain Coffee and enjoy a hot cup in the morning, but make enough to have a iced coffee later in the day for that perfect and cool pick me up.
For those of you who like Stevia, it is a great way to add flavor to your coffee and we have many flavors to choose from. We also have Stevia available in a small, plastic dropper for on the go or to carry in your purse. If you have been wanting to try some flavors but do not want to buy a big bottle we now have a flavor pack with 4 small ones in it, again great for on the go.

Well folks, enjoy the hot weather, for I think that it is here for a while and remember to stay hydrated!
God Bless, Sarah Miller

P.S. If you have questions or request just let me know either on the wish list or in person