What’s Happening “On Board”

The Board of Directors recognizes the benefits of publicizing the good news about Baker Food Co-op.  The Member Owners who work at the Co-op realize the significant benefits of discounted product prices… especially in these hard economic times… BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE!  Soon the Co-op will celebrate the second anniversary at the Broadway location.  Member and community response has been very positive.  Want to do some brainstorming?  How can the Co-op celebrate through an event that would combine the anniversary recognition and advertise the Co-op to the community?  If you have ideas and/or would like to help plan an event:

**PLEASE call Vera or Carol at the Co-op 541-523-4644…or

**contact the Website Manager, Dave Densley at: webmaster@bakerfoodcoop.org

**or send an e-mail to the Co-op address at: store@bakerfoodcoop.org.

A Record Courier article asked people if they buy organic, and if not, why? Most people answered NO for the simple reason that it costs too much. In some cases this fact is true, but a Member Owner who becomes a working member has the benefit of discounts that make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in their total food bill.  Member Owners enjoy a flat 5% discount on all products.  However, for just a few working hours per month, a member owner can enjoy a 10 to 30 percent discount.

Next month’s newsletter will show Co-op/large chain grocery store price comparisons.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Also, products in the bulk bins are VERY cost effective.  With little added preparation time, they’ll provide a quick and nutritious alternative!

Several members suggested the Co-op have cooking classes to demonstrate quick, easy and cost effective recipes that benefit busy cooks.  If you have a meal suggestion and/or would like to give a cooking class, please call Vera Grove or Carol Morrison at the Co-op (541-523-6281) or tap into the website connections below.  Remember, with all the “bugs” going around this time of year, the benefits of consuming nutritious, organically grown food can make a big difference in your health, and the health of your family.

The Co-op Board thanks each person who helps to continue the 35-year Co-op history of serving our community by providing quality products at reasonable prices.  If you are not yet a member owner, $25 will buy you a lifetime membership.  If you become a new member in November, you will receive a 20% discount for the first month instead of the usual 15%, so now is a good time to join…and tell your friends about the benefits.  Please consider becoming a working member for even greater discounts!!

~~Susie Busch, Board Secretary