The Pleasing Produce Department

In the middle of winter when nothing is growing outside…especially nothing green, it is so inviting to go to the Produce Department at Baker Food Co-op.  The décor is inviting and makes a person think ‘spring and green’ when they shop.

One of the Co-op’s newest working members was overheard saying, “I just love to get my produce here.  It’s so fresh…and tastes so good.”  Another ‘plus’ is that it hasn’t been under a water-spray bath for long periods of time.

There is a great amount of work involved in the Produce Department.  On the average each week, 7-8 Working Members have a part in keeping the department looking good and the produce tasting great!  That number varies from month to month, season to season and year to year.

Well before produce arrives, it must be ordered.  Tuesday is delivery day and most of the Working Members come to unload freight, wash, package and display the produce.  Others come any time during the week to clean refrigerators, sweep and mop the floors, restock produce, update forms, record produce losses, create and mark price tags and research information that shoppers need.

These produce ‘worker bees’ have a lot of fun while they work.  One of the members has said, “If I had to brag about the Produce Department, I would brag about the ‘vibe’ or ‘spirit’ of the people working there. When they get together they are…well…happy! And you can’t help but get infected by their light-heartedness.  That happy influence stays with me for the rest of the day.”

By Susie Busch – For Erica Vaughn, Produce Manager