What’s Happening “On Board”

Check out the important news this month: 

  • We are happy to announce there are six nominees running for two Member-at-Large Board positions to be elected at the April Member-Owners Meeting.  Also, one incumbent is running for President of the Board.  How exciting it is to sense the renewed interest of Member Owners coming “On Board”.  Thanks to everyone who made it a priority to put their name up for the election.  Read about each nominee on this website, in the newsletter available at the Co-op or on the bulletin board at the Co-op.
  • Because each member is an owner of the Co-op, it is important that owners attend the April meeting and vote for their Board representatives.  Please mark April 16 (7 pm) on your calendar for the Member Owner Meeting to be held at the Co-op.  If you haven’t been to a meeting before, please begin your attendance on April 16th!  Thanks!!
  • Baker Food Co-op continues to be a busy place with a total of 96 Working Member Owners.  Just to name a few positions, there are Freight Crews, Department Heads, Cashiers, Packagers, Cleaning Crews, the Board of Directors, and the Staff who all work diligently to keep the Co-op open each day.  There are many advantages in becoming a working member, so you might want to check into the opportunities!

The Board would like to thank each and every one who is dedicated to the Co-op Mission of providing quality products at reasonable prices for Co-op Members and the surrounding area.  The Co-op has developed into a first-rate store since its humble beginning 35 years ago!!

~~Susie Busch