Our newest instructional brochure is on cooking beans.  Stop by and pick one up.  Let us know if you have more questions on beans or if you would like to share your favorite bean recipe.  Beans are so nutritious and there is new research showing that the fiber in beans is actually more effective in reducing cholesterol than the same amount of fiber from other sources. We could all benefit from each other’s bean recipes.

Here is a quick bean tip: Like beans, but find they don’t like you as much?  To reduce intestinal gas, try the following:

1. Choose a less “combustible” bean.  Adzuki and lima beans produce the lowest amounts of gas. Red and black beans, while highest in antioxidants, tend to produce the highest amounts of gas. Garbanzos and great northern beans are in the middle.
2. Don’t cook the beans in the same water that you soak them in.
3. Cook the beans with kombu.

Leslie Gecy