Co-op Board Nominees:


Jewel Pilcher, for Vice President


What experience do you have with the Co-op?
I  have  worked  as  a  packager, cashier,  Nominating  Committee member, Board  member, Committee on Policies and Procedures and  I  have  regularly  attended  both  Board  and Member-Owner Meetings.

Please describe why you want to serve on the Co-op Board?
I have been excited about how the Co-op has been growing and would like to do my part to assist our continued growth.

Give specific contributions you can make to the Co-op by serving on the Board.
I feel my time can be well spent by serving on the Board and continuing to represent the Co-op at the Baker Business Network meetings.  I live close enough to the Co-op (within five minutes) to be available when needed.  I can open or close the store, sign checks or attend a meeting at a moment’s notice.

My one drawback is I don’t own a computer or work as a cashier on the COPOS system, but I am available and dedicated to the Co-op.

susieSusie Busch, for Secretary


What experience do you have with the Co-op?

My husband and I joined the Co-op very soon after we moved to Baker City in 2000.  Since then I have been privileged to participate in many events associated with the growth of the Co-op from a small store on 10th street, to what it is today.

My first jobs at the Co-op were serving as Department Head for different departments – Refrigerated and Freezer products, Goodies and Bulk Department.  I also worked as a cashier.  My husband and I spent many hours cleaning,  organizing and painting as we helped “spruce up” the 10th Street facility.

I was elected Secretary of the Board in April, 2002. As Secretary of the Board I have been actively involved in many activities, including the following:

*A year-long process changing the organization of the former Greater Baker Foods into a legal cooperative named Baker Food Co-op.
*Developing position descriptions and hiring a Co-op Manager and a Volunteer (Member-Owner) Coordinator.
*Implementing the COPOS Point of Sale System and hiring a Point of Sale Administrator.
*Searching for a larger facility in a good location to replace the small 10th Street store.  A suitable property was located on 10th Street which the membership voted to purchase.  I spent many hours helping to develop floor and lot plans, fundraising and developing Member Loan documents.
*Helping renovate, paint, make ready and move the Co-op to the current downtown location on Broadway Street.
*Organizing – and working to make them successful – Tasting Fairs, Membership Picnics, quarterly Member-Owner meetings and many other Co-op events.
*Bringing the secretary’s job and records into the computer age so that Board actions and official records are computerized for security and for ease of access and communication. I have also developed and written procedures and forms for job descriptions, job reviews, Co-op Policy and Procedures, Bylaws updates, election cycles and ballots, grant applications, bulletin boards and many other needed areas.

Please describe why you want to serve on the Co-op Board?

It is a joy to use my talents and skills to help the Co-op meet its goals and to meet the needs of people in Baker City and the surrounding area. It has been a privilege to work alongside many Co-op members, including the dedicated and talented Staff, Board members and working members as we have modernized and “grown” the Co-op.  Baker Food Co-op is one of the few remaining member owned and operated Co-ops and I want to make sure this tradition continues.

Give specific contributions you can make to the Co-op by serving on the Board.

Thirteen years of experience in the Co-op and 11 years as Secretary has given me the ability to be “grounded” in the past while working to meet future goals. My experience listed above describes many specific contributions and I desire to continue advancing the effectiveness of the Co-op and the Secretary’s position.

Communicating with members has always been one of my goals.  I will continue to explore ways to effectively communicate with members and the community served by the Co-op.  These are exciting and challenging times and I look forward to the opportunity to be “on Board” for the Co-op.


EricaErica Vaughn, for Secretary

I have been a member of the Baker Food Co-op for about 9 years. In 2004 I was hired to be the “Director of Volunteers” for the Baker Food Co-op and remained in that position for about 3 years.  During that time I performed a plethora of miscellaneous tasks and services until, due to unforeseen circumstances, I needed to temporarily relocate out of state for 2 years.

Upon my return, I accepted the Produce Manager position and have been working in that department for the last 2-1/2 years.  I now work with a fantastic produce team!  I sacrifice time and conveniences to keep my team happy and the department running as smoothly as possible.

I currently serve on the Board as Member-at-Large.  As my duties require, I do my best to use good judgement, present member concerns to the Board, give my input and opinions and complete all given tasks.  Between attending Board Meetings during my employment and as a Member-at-Large, I have become very acquainted with protocols, procedures and the general “feel” of the Co-op Board; working closely with the Working Members for many years I have also become acquainted with the general “feel” of the Membership.

As stated above, I am currently serving on the Board as Member-at-Large; however, I am interested in learning all I can about Co-op operations and believe that serving in the position of Secretary will give me the best opportunity to understand those operations at their deepest levels.

My past experiences with the Co-op show my contributions; however, regarding the Secretarial position, here are additional contributions I can make to benefit the Co-op:

I have past experiences as an Office Secretary as well as a Board Secretary, so I understand what it takes to be successful as a Secretary.  I believe I am capable of performing a good service to the Co-op Membership in the Secretarial position through to follows skills, talents and desires:

1. Computer skills – ability to create nicely arranged and professional-looking agendas, minutes, letters, flyers and almost any type of documentation.
2. People skills – ability to give prompt, clear and polite communication to Board Members, the General Membership, or other business contacts.
3. Ability to learn tasks and duties quickly.
4. A love to blend creativity with professionalism.
5. A strong drive to do my best in everything I set my mind to do.

Please, come to the Membership Meeting next month and vote for me!
Thank you!


kayKay Sword, for Member-at-Large, Position #2


What experience do you have with the Co-op?
I have helped with the year-end inventory and have packaged for about three years.

Please describe why you want to serve on the Co-op Board?
I enjoy working at the Co-op and meeting people.  I was asked to run for Member-at-Large and being in this position will help me become more familiar with how the Co-op works and how it is organized.

Give specific contributions you can make to the Co-op by serving on the Board.
I want to learn and I’m happy and willing to do tasks asked of me.  I appreciate how the Co-op has grown and the variety of products available.  I would like to help the Co-op continue this pattern.


kenKen Johnson, for Member-at-Large, Position #2

What experience do you have with the Co-op?
As a member of the Baker Food Co-op since 2005,  I have worked as a  Packager,  a  Cashier and  Member-at-Large.  During  the  last  two years as Board member, I believe that I have brought the skills honed during my career to benefit the Board in positive ways.   I have a cool head,  good  judgement  and  I’m  good  at  listening  to  the  ideas  of others with an open mind.

Please describe why you want to serve on the Co-op Board?
I am committed to the mission of the Baker Food Co-op, that of bringing quality organic food products to the community. I would like to continue in the work of this organization and to be a part of its ongoing growth.

Give specific contributions you can make to the Co-op by serving on the Board.
Since I am retired, I have the time to fill in as cashier when needed, as well as attend to the business of the Board. I believe that I provide “comic relief” to the members with whom I come in contact.  I thoroughly enjoy my relationship with the Baker Food Co-op and its members.


jillJill Gross, for Member-at-Large, Position #3


What experience do you have with the Co-Op:
Well, I’ve only been working/volunteering at the Co-op for about a month and a half so I’m a “newbie”,  but I’ve been a customer for as long as I’ve lived in Baker, which is about 11 years now.

I have so enjoyed the last month and a half volunteering here!  Working with Carol and Vera, for their kindness and help as well as the help other volunteers have offered.  I’ve always appreciated the help the department heads offered when I came in to shop.

Please describe why you want to serve on the Co-op Board:
I have three awesome little boys!  My youngest just started Kindergarten this year and I’ve found that I have some time for “me” during the day.  I’m a stay-at-home mom, which I feel very blessed and fortunate to be able to do and I’m a “creator”, which means I like to hand-make whatever I can learn.  I’m enjoying playing with some of my interests, now it’s time to get myself out into the community and see what I can learn and hopefully I can be a positive influence.

Give specific contributions you can make to the Co-op by serving on the Board:
To be honest, I don’t know a lot about serving on a board but I’ve held several leadership positions within my church so I have experience serving others and being under someone else’s stewardship.  I know that I can bring a fresh perspective to the Co-op Board and I will be diligent in serving in any way I’m needed.


joanna-driscolJoanna Driscol, for Member-at-Large, Position #3


What experience do you have with the Co-op?

My family and I moved to Baker City in July 2013.   I was told about the Baker Food  Co-op  and  after   getting   settled   in,   I  started volunteering  in packaging  in  September.   In  November,  I  was asked  if I could start cashiering and have  enjoyed getting to meet and talk with people from the community  as well as getting to know  more of the members  of  the co-op.  I have also checked in a few  orders and done some cleaning at the co-op.

Please describe why you want to serve on the Co-op Board?

I believe that serving on the Board will help me get a better feel for the co-op and its mission to be able to supply the community with healthy food.  I personally have a long-time interest in eating healthy foods and being able to serve them to my family.  I also care about the environment and believe that products that hurt our environment will affect us and our food.  I also believe that others in the community want the same for their families and our environment.

Give specific contributions you can make to the Co-op by serving on the Board.

I feel I can contribute to the co-op as a board member by listening to the people that I am acquainted with and will meet in the future and bringing their ideas as well as my own to the meetings.  I enjoy working with people and doing things that can benefit everyone.  I look forward to seeing the co-op grow and affect peoples’ lives in a positive way by providing healthy food and products to people in this community.