What’s Happening “On Board”

Those green shoots coming out of the ground bring an air  of expectancy as we welcome warmer weather and the idea that  Spring’s a Comin’!
Lots of newsworthy things are happening at the Co-op.
**Baker Food Co-op has a new landlord and Co-op Board President, Valerie Tachenko, has been busy negotiating the building rental contract.  The Board is pleased that the new landlord will honor the old contract and the rent will not be raised.  The landlord has traveled to Baker City looking at improvements that need to be made to the building.  The Co-op location is a ‘plus’ and we all are very thankful for the continued rental agreement.

**The Bylaws of the Co-op specify Member Owner meetings are to be held four times a year.  The April Member Owner Meeting is the time each year that elections are held and there is a great slate of nominees for Board positions.  (See the picture and the bio of each nominee in this newsletter.)  Each member owner enjoys benefits of being a Co-op member along with associated responsibilities.  Please come, learn, vote and take a responsible part in Co-op business at the forthcoming meeting, Thursday, April 18 at 2:30.  The meeting will be held in the afternoon so people won’t need to come out at night.

**For the past 10 years people from the community and Co-op members have enjoyed the Annual Tasting Fair.  Details about this event are in this newsletter.  Please come and enjoy the fun, fellowship and the yummy food prepared by Co-op cooks and the in-house samples.

**It is special to be a part of a thriving member owned and operated Food Co-op.  Thanks to all who make Baker Food Co-op a success.

Susie Busch, Board Secretary