What’s Happening “On Board”

coop-board-ship These are full and exciting days at the Baker Food Co-op! The “combined” Board of Directors Meeting and Member Owner Meeting on April 18th was well-attended! Many participated in the present business of our Co-op and new and returning officers were elected to serve for the next two years.

Your interest and participation in the Co-op business at hand is invaluable! It helps us, your Board, to make decisions which represent the membership’s needs as closely as possible.

In the months to come, we will be doing much more important decision-making during which we hope to satisfy the concerns that were brought up on April 18th.

Also, on April 18th Co-op President Valerie Tachenko had the very timely opportunity to share with the attending membership some very exciting news!  Con Singley, the owner of the building we presently occupy, is willing to sell the entire property to the Co-op!!! Negotiations for that process will begin soon.

On April 25th we enjoyed a successful Annual Tasting Fair. “Tasty” it was! Everyone had smiles and the atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant. Department Heads and others worked very hard to prepare and present generous samples for everyone! Included in the samples were a variety of delicious foods, teas, personal care, nutritional supplements and informational literature. What a great time to shop and enjoy the special Fair discounts and coupon!… All this to enhance our journey to better health as well as to introduce us to what is new at the Co-op and to share some long-time favorites.  A BIG thank you to everyone!

There are only four member-owner meetings annually. We value your attendance and participation. We hope you will make that a priority.  By attending meetings, member-owners will receive information first-hand and have the opportunity to ask questions directly.

The co-op’s future is looking brighter these days…come and enjoy the process of making it not only brighter, but better! Thank you!

Fran Hart,