What’s Happening “On Board”

September 2013 Board Newscoop-board-ship

This month’s Board News to our membership includes: Present Board activity updates, information on current Co-op business and a modest continuation of “What is a Cooperative?” (BFC August Newsletter).

During the July 2013 BFC Member-Owner Picnic and Meeting, there were several Bylaw changes made, not just one, (as stated in the August Newsletter.)  These changes have to do with voting, the establishment of a Grievance Committee and Special Member-Owner meetings.

Presently, your Board of Directors is involved in a “flurry” of activity! Your Board President is working on the final negotiations for purchasing the building the Co-op is presently in! And the 10th Street property is for sale!

A “dream” began 30-plus years ago for the Baker Food Co-op by some very dedicated and insightful folks! Today, every one of the membership has the privilege of witnessing that dream becoming a “reality“!  Further information about this very special opportunity will be forthcoming!

Hard work, dedication and enthusiasm are just a few of the “ingredients” involved in bringing the Co-op to where it is today. Through the years, many like-minded people have become members and joined the “crew” of dedicated workers on a regular basis. We are truly thankful for all who have contributed to the Co-op’s growth!

One of these people is Vera Grove. She has served the Co-op well over the past few years as Working Member Coordinator during a mid-day work-time slot. Vera’s abilities and enthusiasm for the Co-op’s philosophy and values are appreciated by all! Many of us have received her good help along the way.  Thank you, Vera! We wish you well in your future endeavors!

(At the end of August, Vera’s position will be available and applications are already being reviewed. Anyone wanting to see the “Working Member Coordinator” Job Description and apply for the job can do so at the Employment Office.)

At this critical and historic time, the Baker Food Co-op needs your help and involvement! A “little” bit of help does mean “a lot“, especially through this time of transition!

According to the International Cooperative Alliance, “Cooperatives exist for people to work together to enrich and improve their lives and communities. ” It is…the right thing to do and…makes good business sense. By working together, we…reinforce our relevance in a difficult economy.”

To be continued next month…
Fran Hart, Member-At-Large