Thankful for our Co-op


Over the past few months, I have shared excerpts by the International Cooperative Alliance, outlining what a co-op is.

According to their article, “Over 100 new co-ops have organized in the past few years as people turn to co-op principles and values to replace the greed and corruption they see in our government and capitalist corporations.”

The article continues, (emphasis mine): These new co-ops are being used “as a hub to build local economies.” As we consider this information, we may also consider how we can be directly involved in creating an alternative economy…where more of our hard-earned money stays right here where it is needed most!

Baker Food Co-op supports our community’s social needs also. It offers a place for people to work together to enrich and improve their lives. It becomes an extended family. I hope that all of you have experienced this from the minute you step through the door of our local shop!

Throughout our store, there are “how-to” information sheets about using certain products, often including recipes and the nutritional benefits of these items. The Co-op’s Department Heads diligently work behind the scenes as well as directly with consumers to provide this for us. Moreover, our highly capable store managers are always willing to help everyone at a moment’s notice and are also clearly dedicated to helping others as well as maintaining their tasks!

The role of the Baker Food Co-op also includes promoting local producers, maintaining a stock of natural, organic, and special diet foods and products. Consumers will also find information and education about cooperative values, food and consumer issues, and health topics. This information is freely provided to you!

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, may we realize that it is the hard work, dedication and involvement of our working members which makes all of the above possible.

Thank you, one and all! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

~Fran Hart, Member-At-Large