July Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for Baker Food Co-op
July 17, 2014 Directors Meeting

The July meeting of the Baker Food Co-op Board of Directors was held at the Baker Food Co-op Thursday, July 17 at 4 pm. A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order by President, Dennis Winkler. Board Members present were Dennis Winkler, Jewel Pilcher, Joanna Driscol, Barbara Haynes, Vicki Wares, Mary Jones, and Susie Busch. Past President Valerie Tachenko, Staff member, Jana Simpson, and three Member Owners, Wes Dickison, Shaun Dickison, and Grant Richards were also present.

Note: MSUC=It was moved, seconded, carried by Unanimous vote.
MSC: It was moved, seconded, carried. Those dissenting will be listed.


• Board President Dennis read the Meeting Management Guidelines, outlining how Board meetings will be conducted. A sign-in sheet for attendees, and the meeting agenda will be provided each month.
• The Agenda was reviewed. MSUC (Barbara, Joanne) to accept the agenda.
• Nelson Clarke presented an update on the Co-op insurance policy as well as information on insurance coverage for loss of income. Loss of income insurance would be $249 annually for only the Co-op area of the building.
• The June Board minutes were read. MSUC (Jewel, Barbara) the minutes be approved as read. All minutes are on file at the Co-op.
• The Treasurer had the financials ready even though she could not be present at the meeting. Several things were explained, and Linda can answer further questions. All reports are on file at the Co-op. The Board will review the monthly sales in each department next month.
Manager’s Report:
• Carol was on vacation so Jana updated the Board concerning the maxed out air conditioning. Scott’s Heating and Cooling made a suggestion that has helped the past two days. Blueberries are coming Thursday, July 24.
• Working Member Coordinator Report:
• Betty Lissman is the Department Head of the Month. Betty has continued with the Gluten Free Department even though she would like have someone take her place. Ann Mehaffy is the Working Member of the Month for logging working member’s hours. There were 28 working members who worked 10 hours or more, and nine new members were welcomed.
• Jana talked to the Website Department Head, Dave Densley, about social media advertising for the Co-op. Dave has recommended the Co-op purchase a simple ipad for $70-$100 which can be used for advertising Co-op products easily on the web.
•There was no POS Administrator Report.
•Temporary Saturday Staff: Ben Titus is doing a good job.
Unfinished Business:
• Energy Audit: Vicki talked with the engineer who will be conducting the audit, and she offered to post the Statement of Work for the project. July 29 (Tuesday) has been tentatively scheduled for the audit. It is not known how long before results from the study will be available.
• Susie gave a report on Board communication with members, and how members are communicating with the Board. There are many ways that have been in place for communication between all members and the Board, and some new ways have been instituted recently. Board contact information will be included in the newsletter to provide everyone with timely communication tools.
• Jana reported for the Policy and Procedures Committee that the Employee and Working Member Policy and Procedures draft will be presented at the August Board meeting.
• Two air conditioning bids have been submitted. Scotts’ bid is $6,826 and Valley’s bid is $14,000. Each bid has different provisions, and the Board will need to do further research before accepting a bid.
• Removing the lift structure from the roof would cost $9,150. MSUC (Susie, Joanna) not to include the removal of the lift in the roofing contract. Dennis announced that the roofing project is scheduled to begin August 11.
MSUC (Barbara, Joanna) that the Co-op become a member of Historic Baker City at an annual cost of $350 for Penthouse Level.
New Business:
• Member Comments:
*Valerie thanked each member of the Board for the good job they are doing.
*Shaun Dickison asked if the Board can change the meeting time to a later time in the day so people with daytime jobs can attend. Dennis explained the time was originally set so staff would not have to make two trips to town. The Board will discuss meeting time options, and the time will be posted in the Co-op.

At 5:10 MSUC (Joanna, Vicki) the meeting be adjourned.
—Susie Busch, Secretary