Time To Run

Baker Food Co-op has grown and changed significantly since its origin 39 years ago. It has developed from a buying club into a full-fledged business with many thousands of dollars in business, inventory, and property. The Co-op continues to grow, change, and expand to provide health conscious people in the Baker City and Baker County area with high quality food and products at reasonable prices that will contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Since it is a cooperative, it is important for member owners to understand the operating principles of the Baker Food Co-op and contribute to its well-being. If you have been a part of the Co-op and are dedicated to its future, consider RUNNING FOR THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. A knowledge of the Co-op coupled with business experience, computer knowledge, and leadership skills are important. It is a privilege to serve both the Co-op and the community by helping the Co-op grow into the 21st Century!

The Board positions to be filled are Vice President, Secretary, and two Members-at-Large.

If you would like more information please contact:

Board members at board@bakerfoodcoop.org (Board contact information is also on the bulletin board at the Co-op.);

Co-op Staff, who are available at the Co-op to answer questions; and/or

Sheri King (541-403-0164) (or e-mail asking55@msn.com) who is a member of the Nominating Committee.