June 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

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06/16/15 meeting started at 6:01 pm

Those in attendance: Dennis Winkler – president, Lynn Langrell, Susie Busch, Linda Cyr – Treasurer, Jewel Pilcher, Ann Clark – Vice-President, Valerie Potter – Secretary, Lloyd Nelson, Ken Krohn, Steve Moultry.
Carol and Jana

DRAFT until accepted by BoD at next meeting.

Agenda reviewed, moved to accept Lloyd and Lynn 2nded– accepted unanimously.

1. Cooling Status report: See report. Discussion – Carol said that it has been comfortable in the building so far. New AC at this time is cost prohibitive. Motion: Install second swamp cooler in place recommended. 1st Lloyd – 2nd Lynn – motion passed unanimously. John Busch will follow-up on getting this arranged. Scott’s, Wayland, plumber, etc.

2. Secretary report – minutes reviewed and motion to accept 1st Ann/2nd Lynn passed unanimously.

3. Budget report – from the budget work session Treasures report motion to accept 1st Lynn, 2nd Lloyd. Passed unanimously. Linda will email summary.

4. Carol – staff report. Carol has been back two weeks. Since she has been back. Second thermostat on produce cooler because we did have a 2nd time freeze of goods. It is harder to move the thermostat and so far it is working. We ordered two and it could be on the other cooler. Possible to have a sensor and then it would alarm if got out of settings. This will be monitored and if needed talked about again.

5. Jana – 11 new memberships last month. 2 new working members. One cashier/produce and

a. Monthly: – Linda will email me the summary(have not yet received 7/5/15vp)
a. Special thank you for the PIE committee.
b. 28 members that worked over 10 hours
c. Book and DVD sale – all 25% off
d. Chris Barr asked about the Credit Card Machine again.
e. Katie from COPOS – report – path for a breakdown of the income by discount(5%, 10% etc). What do we make the most money on? This path did not work so we will continue to work on this.

f. Ken offered his services to help the department heads to help with purchasing etc. Dept heads have been offered to meet with Ken and email was sent to all Dept heads and nobody has contacted Ken yet. There are some general principles that can be applied.

Plan to have an all dept head meeting…This meeting will be encouraged. Ken has a lot of great ideas and there is a lot of room for growth.

6. Steve – IT report. Apologies for not being here. He is able to get into everything remotely. And often does his work early in the morning so as to not disrupt business. IT Dept. Head is working on updating the Co-op Computer and POS systems Steve’s recommendation:

a. Look at updating our internet, wires, etc. Steve will get some bids, costs and send to Carol and Carol will get information to the board.

7. Nothing in the member comment box.

8. Treasurer Discussion – Linda needs to step down. We have not had many interests raised. If you have a working member that is interested – qualified to do it or not…maybe have somebody overlooking it to check it out. Linda would like to continue to do the work through her current employer. She feels that through Guyer she has the resources (printer, computer, etc) that make the job more efficient. You need to have a person that knows what they are doing. If we had Guyer – it would cost $300 per month. If they just check it would be an hourly rate…Jana’s suggestion is to hire a book keeper and then have accountant check it. Dennis and Lynn will work together to find some qualified applicants.

9. Check signing – Val, Dennis and Ann are all signed up. Val and Dennis will stop by regularly.

10. Ken is interested in becoming a board member. Ken will let us know when he knows whether or not he can become a board member. Jewel would be willing to help (become a board member again) if we don’t get another board member.

11. Tuesday the 23rd of June at 0700. BBN will be meeting at the Co-op. Will this be a problem? Per Carol this will be fine. Truck comes in around 0700 and 0720….BBN will work around this… Good way to introduce the Co-op to local business folks.

12. Credit/Debit card follow-up: this has been brought up at several meetings. Members were in favor as long as the fees were passed on to those that want to use their CC. The past board has done a lot of research. Dennis would like for us to go through Advopay. There is a 2 month trial period…and then we can decide. Motion: Lynn – motion… We will go with Advopay for a 2-4 month trial. Ann seconded it. Motion passed unanimously. Carol will contact Terri – we will get more information on fees. Maybe have a minimum purchase of $10.00 – this could be possible. CC fees will be passed on to users of CCs.

13. Sale of our property – Dennis talked to Ann Mahaffy and there has not been any interest? We could lower the asking price. It is listed with her through Oct. We don’t have to sell it now.

14. July Member owner meeting:

a. It was discussed that it would be potluck
b. Susie will be find out if the park is available
c. We will schedule for July 28, 2015 – 6p
d. Agenda: Bylaws, regular reports, potential voting for new board member, to be posted the first of the month.

15. July 21 BOD and Aug 18 BOD regular meetings.

16. FYI – The newsletter is now on the Chamber of Commerce website.

Meeting adjourned. 8:53pm

Respectfully submitted by Valerie Potter