Board of Directors Nominees

Cheri Smith
cheri-smithI have been a member of our Co-op since 1977. I have watched it grow and have worked in most every capacity to help it do so. As a member of the Co-op board I will do my very best to provide leadership and guidance, using my experience in retail and as a previous business owner. Our Co-op is an essential part of our community and I want it to continue to thrive.

Roberta Morin
roberta-morinI was initially drafted for the board because of my past secretarial and legal background. I have been involved with the Co-op for a long time, I have volunteered in many roles and I am very interested in seeing the Co-op continue.

Mary Andersen
mary-andersenI am a longtime volunteer member taking care of weekly recycling and garbage. I want to see the Co-op continue to offer healthy natural remedies for a community of like-minded health-conscious partners despite a diversity of backgrounds and beliefs. I’d like to have a more welcoming and accommodating atmosphere to all members, welcoming back those who feel disenfranchised by such things as the mask mandate and the yearly fees, and I’d like to energize the volunteer base to more efficiently run our Co-op!

Joan Tracy
joan-tracyMy name is Joan Tracy and I am interested in serving on the Co-op board. I have lived in Baker City for three years. My relationship with food co-ops began when my children were small and I knew I could buy natural organic food for a fair price. My love for co-ops continued and grew as our family moved around the country. It always feels good to support the local economy by buying high quality produce and products. Thank you for your attention and time.