Special Recognition

Department Head of the Month
Lois Dickey, Vitamins & Supplements

The vitamin/supplement department is well stocked and neat. Lois always finds time to answer customer’s questions about her product and often has trouble leaving the store because of it. Thank you, Lois, for all your hard work!

Working Member of the Month
Danae Simonski, Cleaning Department

Danae vacuums, mops and makes sure our bulk foods area passes inspection. She also cleans all the small and large scoops.
Thank you, Danae, for keeping us spick-and-span!

The following dedicated working members worked 12+ hours in October. Thanks for all your help!

Rose Bacon, Chris Cantrell, Barbara Carnahan, Cory Carter, Jerry Clark, Betty Crane, Jan Denlinger, Roger & Janet Dexter, Raven Shipsey, Dee James, Ethel Jones, Carly Kritchen, Sue Nelson, Mary Nicolson, Dee O’Dell, Barbara Peterson, Jeana Phillips, Fabriano Salerno, Maureen Stanciu, Ben Titus, Vicki Wares and Gwen Zacharias


DEPARTMENT HEAD OF THE MONTH: Jill Gross, Produce Manager
We are excited to have Jill as our new Produce Manager.  Jill is really cheerful and energetic and is a great addition to the Co-op!  Thanks Jill for all your hard work!

WORKING MEMBER OF THE MONTH: Gwen Zacharias, Cashier
Gwen is one of our dependable regular cashiers.  We can always count on her to help out when we are shorthanded.  Thanks Gwen!

SPECIAL RECOGNITION:  Chris Cantrell, Janet Dexter, Cheryl McQuisten,          Maureen Stanciu, & Mary West.

(These dedicated Working Members worked 12 or more hours in May.  Thanks for all your help!)

Special Recognition:

Barbara Carnahan,  Joanna Driscol, Leslie Gecy, Michael Jimmerson, Mary Jones, Carly Kritchen, Mary Nicolson, Randy Stevens, & Mary West.

(These dedicated Working Members worked 12 or more hours in April.  Thanks for all your help!)

Congratulations…and Thank You!

Department Head of the Month: Carolyn Winkler, Cheese Ordering/Packaging
Carolyn is one of the many dedicated Working Members who keep our Co-op going.  She orders pre-packaged and bulk cheese for us.  She also  repackages the bulk cheese into smaller packages.  Check out the new varieties in the cooler!

Working Member of the Month:  Sara Martin, Cashier & Produce Helper
Sara’s smiling face will often greet you when you are ready to check out.  She enjoys working at the Co-op so much that she is now helping with the produce, also.

Thanks ladies for all you do!


Special Recognition:  Leslie Gecy, Carly Kritchen, Lisa Schwebke, Maureen Stanciu, Judy Steege and Randy Stevens.

(These dedicated Working Members worked 12 or more hours in February.  Thanks for all your help!)