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April Board of Directors Meeting Notes

Convened: 6:08 pm
Present: Dennis Winkler, President; Lloyd Nelson, Vice-President; Bod Members; Clyde Christian, Marria Knight, Ramona Webb, and Ken Krohn; Carol Morrison, General Manager, Phoebe Charbonneau, Working Member Coordinator, Members, Susie Busch, Larry Christian, Jessica Gniffen, Carolyn Winkler, George Wheaton, Dalere Techenkc, Ethel Jones, Gayle Hammond, Marrin Knight, and newsletter editor Esa Murrel.

An overview of the BoD’s position on the 10th St. property was given by Dennis. Discussion was opened to the floor and members of the BoD replied. Members were asked if they needed any further information on the candidates but all had reviewed posted bios. Ballots were passed to all present that had not yet voted at the Co-op. Ramona Webb and Lloyd Nelson counted the ballots.

Secretary’s Report: Clyde
Report was read and a motion to accept was made and seconded, then passed without objection.
Quarterly Report: Dennis
• A quarterly update was given for the members present.
• The floor was opened for member comments or suggestion. One member offered both.

Election results:
On the 10th St. property referendum the votes were 37 yes and 1 no.
The count of votes was given with all nominees being voted in as Members at Large.

Officer Selection:
Lloyd Nelson shall continue in his position as Vice President.
George Wheaton was nominated for President. The nomination was seconded and the nomination was accepted with one objection.
The position of Secretary will remain open until the next meeting. Ramona Webb offered to be part-time secretary until the position was filled.

Treasurer’s Report: Dennis
• A review of last months financial was given:
• The cost of credit card transactions should be showing a cost reduction due to Dawn Coles having
spoken to the credit card provider.
• Co-op fund balance is approximately $39,000.00. Sales were $1900.00, with average daily sales at $1661.00. Dennis noted that the first three months of this year had shown increases.
• Carol noted that a new check signator would be needed when a Secretary was chosen and also asked for a fourth signator. Dennis noted that the matter would taken up at the next meeting.

Break and refreshments: 7:08 pm and reconvened at 7:19 pm.

Management Report: Carol Morrison
• Gretchen Stadler was on leave and that the hours were being covered by Phoebe and working member
Sheri Smith.
• The date for the seed swap was confirmed for April 28, 2018, at the Co-op from 10 am to 3:30 pm.
• Bills for the rental utilities are still arriving at the Co-op. Dennis will contact Mr. McLaglan to ensure that the billings are converted.
• The bill for water and sewer for the Co-op is under the wrong address.
Working Members Report: Phoebe Charbonneau
• Nora Tibbets was named as Working Member of the Month.
• Deanna Bowman-Pennock was named Department Head of the Month.
• 25 members worked 10 or more hours during the past month.
• 12 new members joined in the past month.
New Business:
• Ken Krohn gave information on the application of signs the windows advertising our vendors, with the cost of prepartion of the sign to be covered by the vendors. The first vendor to agree to this proposal was Bob’s Red Mill. A motion to go forward with this promotion was made, seconded and passed without objection

General Membership was excused but invited to stay for the short session of BoD planning.
• Dennis confirmed that the BoD would discuss additional check signator next month.
• Clyde offered to sign checks until the new Secretary is decided and the bank paperwork is
• Dennis informed George that the meeting room was reserved for the next couple of meeting and that an alternate meeting time was up to the decretion of the BoD.
• George decided that reports would be prepared and circulated electronically and that they would simply be voted for acceptance at the next meeting, with all corrections and additons done online.
• Next meeting is scheduled for 6 pm, at the Library, on May 16, 2018
Recess was called at 7:52 pm
Draft submitted April 18, 2018 by Clyde Christian, Secretary.


Grant Writer Needed!

Someone to research available grants and/or write grants for Baker Coop. Contact board members Clyde Christian or Dennis Winkler at bfcboard@bakerfoodcoop.org. This position could earn you a discount of up to 30%.

Cashiers Needed!

You can save as much as 30% off your grocery bill. See Carol, Phoebe, or Pat at the Co-op or call 541-523-6281. Thank you!

Board elections are April 18th

Board elections are coming at our Annual Members Owners Meeting April 18th. Voting ballots will be available at the Co-op two weeks prior to the formal election.

We are looking for a Vice President, Secretary and two Members at Large positions to fill.

Please contact Valerie Potter, Lloyd Nelson, another Board Member, or a staff person if you are interested in serving in one of these positions to help support your Co-op.