Baker Food Co-op BoD August 15, 2017

Baker Food Co-op BoD
August 15, 2017
Convened: 6:06 pm
Present: Dennis Winkler, President; Lloyd Nelson, Bod Member; Clyde Christian, Bod Member; Ramona Webb, BoD Member, Marria Knight, BoD Member, Elizabeth Smithson, BoD Member, Ken Krohn, BoD Member, Pat Cullen, Staff, and Phoebe Charbonneau, Working Member Coordinator.
Secretary’s Report: Clyde
The report was given. One correction was made and a motion to accept the report with correction was made, seconded, and passed without objection.

Treasurer’s Report: Dawn

The month showed an over budget but that was due to there being three (3) paydays in August instead of July as anticipated.
A net profit of $1163 was noted with average daily sales down at $1686.
Supply expenses showed over budget due to the purchase of the new printer. Also, the electricity bill was higher than anticipated.
Ken requested that the report show a year-to-year comparison. Dawn will prepare that report with QuickBooks.
A motion to accept the report was made, seconded, and passed without objection.

Dennis informed the Board that Carol Morrison, General Manager of the Co-op was hospitalized. The Board agreed to send a card to her with our best wishes for a speedy recovery. Clyde will pick up and deliver the card.
Old Business: Dennis
The repair and refurbishment of the back wall were reviewed. Lloyd mentioned that the contractor was using a higher grade surface coating and it was expected to last up to twenty (20) years.
Further discussion on tire stops: Ken noted that there were no used telephone poles available at this time. Use of used railroad ties was discussed.
Susie gave a report on the refurbishment of the front of the building, noting that mortar had been replaced, old caulking had been removed and replaced, wood was being prepared for painting, and OSB board was painted and would be mounted by John Busch and George Wheaton. Completion is still expected by September 2017.
Dennis inquired on repair of the freezer. Phoebe and Ken noted that the pressure had been tested and soldering had been done. The freezer was now working but was running loudly. A thermostat was being ordered as well.
Working Members Report: Phoebe Charbonneau

4 new members – lower than usual.
22 working members 10 + hours. Department head of the Month was Rosemary Dayhoff and Gail was named working member of the month.
Phoebe noted that Sherri Chappel, department head for bulk liquids was leaving and a replacement would need to be found.
Phoebe also informed the Board that Grace Cathey would not be able to do the newsletter. Clyde will do the newsletter for August and until a replacement is found again.
Management Report: Phoebe Charbonneau
The replacement filter in stock is not sufficient and will be ordered. Clyde reported that the “freshener” found to date is in large quantities and we will look further.
Ken suggested a homemade/natural “freshener” using essential oils and vinegar
Old Business: Dennis
Coverage for the Eclipse sales was discussed and confirmed.
It was noted that with the Co-op being open on Sunday, August 20th and the bank being closed on Monday, August 21st extra change would be needed on hand. Phoebe and Pat will make sure that enough change is on hand.
New Business:
A letter from the city of Baker City regarding sidewalk repair on the side of the building had been received and that a completion deadline of June 2018 was given by the city.
Lloyd noted that he had been contacted by phone on the same issue.
Ken reported on his meeting with the Downtown Baker City Committee and Robin Nudd. A possible variance had been mentioned.
The Board agreed that a response letter to the city would be appropriate, noting the lack of funds for immediate compliance, and another request for help with finding funding. In the letter, the Board would request the specifics of the sidewalk work required. Dennis will prepare a draft of the response and distribute by email for Board input.
The use of donated filler material from the IDOT or members was discussed.
Dennis presented a request for 30% discount provision for the School Backpack Program. After some debate, a motion was made to offer the 30% discount on a membership purchased by the School Backpack Program committee with provisions that acknowledgment be made by the program and an opportunity to present the Co-op membership program and request for working members to the committee. The need for a monthly or bi-monthly payment by the committee was also discussed. Phoebe noted that the Co-op would still be clearing 5% to cover handling costs. A motion was made for the above-noted offer as well as approval for the monthly or bi-monthly payment was made, seconded, and passed without objection, with a yearly continuance provision. Dennis will be the contact person with the School Backpack Program.
Marria and Elizabeth offered to contact people with railroad background with regard to obtaining used ties.
Once a plan for tire stops is approved Dennis will contact the parking lot owners for their approval.
Recess was called at 7:08 pm
Draft submitted August 16, 2017, by Clyde Christian, secretary.