Baker Food Co-op BoD Minutes July 18, 2017

Baker Food Co-op BoD Minutes
July 18, 2017
Convened: 6:16 pm
Present: Dennis Winkler, President; Lloyd Nelson, Vice President; Dawn Cole, Treasurer; Clyde Christian, Secretary; Carol Morrison, General Manager; Larry Christian, Member, Ramona Webb, BoD Member, Marria Knight, BoD Member, Susie Busch, Working Member, Ken Krohn, BoD Member, Pat Cullen, Staff, and Phoebe Charbonneau, Working Member Coordinator.
Secretary’s Report: Was waived due to the absence of pro tem secretary, Elizabeth Smithson.

Treasurer’s Report: Dawn

Report for the month shows an increase in both total sales ($11.133) and average daily sales ($1752).
Bank balance was given at $52,473.00.
Percentage of sales: 80% cash / check, 15% credit card, and 5% food stamps etc.

Management Report: Carol Morrison
One freezer is down. Options: 1) pressure test and solder repair if possible, 2) replace condenser / coil unit, or 3) replace freezer. The Board decided to pursue the first option and Carol will make arrangements for the pressure testing.
Discussion of Eclipse preparation.
Swamp cooler filters need to be replaced. The filter material is available at Co-op. Marria suggested that a solution is added for a fresher smell. Larry will check with suppliers to see what is available.

Working Members Report: Phoebe Charbonneau

Members report was given.
Old Business:

Dennis opened discussion on Eclipse store hours. It was decided that the store would be open from 10 am to 4 pm on Sunday, August 20, 2017. Hours for Monday, August 21, 2017 (day of eclipse) would be normal. Coverage would be arranged.
The movie ad will be updated if there is time, Ken will look at doing a ‘Boost’ ad on Facebook.
Phoebe will prepare a flyer with the Eclipse hours. Larry will distribute flyers and newsletters to Chamber of Commerce. Digital copies will be sent to Baker County Economic Development, Julee Hicks at and Baker Basecamp, Timothy Bishop at Notice will be given to Grace to include it in the newsletter.
Ken discussed his work on sourcing suppliers, price adjustment and/ or loss leaders, marketing.
Lloyd moved to get an Amazon Prime account to allow them to be a source. The motion was seconded and passed without objection.
The Owners / Members picnic was reviewed to ensure that everything is in place. Board members who will be setting up need to be at the park by 5:30 pm. A door prize will be given (members shall be asked to sign-in for the picnic and a ticket presented). There will be trivia, word search etc games as ice-breakers for the adults and children’s games as well.
Carol reminded the board that the blueberry sign-up will close on Thursday, July 20, 2017.
Lloyd discussed the work being done to repair the brickwork on the back of the store. A board decision was made to use a swirl pattern in an autumn beige. Lloyd confirmed the order with the supplier, who will begin prep work and order supplies.
Ken suggested that he contact an associate about obtaining used power poles to be used as tire stops in the back of the building.
Susie gave a report on how the cosmetic work on the front of the building was proceeding. She noted that John would be able to complete the prep but was asking for help with the painting. Expected completion is September 2017.
Tree watering options were discussed. A plan to run a hose from the basement to the front of building with an access point was adopted. A shut off valve would be placed (with the handle being removed when not in use to prevent unwanted use of water).

New Business:
Clyde asked that the Co-op participate in Community Night Out and offered to man the table. The suggestion was approved. Larry will obtain the participant paperwork and confirm cost.
Dennis noted that the Downtown Baker City Committee was meeting on Wednesday, July 19, 2017, at 5:30 pm at the new theater building. Ken volunteered to attend and represent the Co-op.
The loose ceiling tile was discussed. Ken and Lloyd are going to call around for a ladder tall enough to reach the ceiling to be borrowed if possible. Dennis and Larry offered to do the repair work if the ladder is found.
Recess was called at 7:55 pm.
An executive session was opened to discuss compensation for extra hours for eclipse. Dawn will be contacted and cost of additional pay will be compared with an in-store gift certificate. Communication by email will inform the Board and response shall be reviewed. Clyde moved to offer compensation, the motion was seconded and passed without objection.
Clyde reminded the Board that a new newsletter editor had been found; Grace Cathey and that submission to the newsletter were needed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:01 pm
Submitted August 15, 2017, by Clyde Christian, secretary.