June 2014 Minutes

The June meeting of the Baker Food Co-op Board of Directors was held at the Baker Food Co-op Thursday, June 19, at 4 pm.  A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order by President, Dennis Winkler.  Board Members present were Dennis Winkler, Jewel Pilcher, Joanna Driscoll, Linda Cyr, Mary Jones, Barbara Haynes, Vicki Wares, and Susie Busch.  Staff members, Carol Morrison, Jana Simpson, and about 20 other Member Owners present.

Note:  MSUC=It was moved, seconded, carried by Unanimous vote.
MSC:  It was moved, seconded, carried.  Those dissenting will be listed.

• The May Board minutes were read.  MSUC (Jewel, Mary) the minutes be approved as read.  All minutes are on file at the Co-op.
• The Treasurer’s report was given.  The Co-op financials were handed out and a question and answer period followed.  MSUC (Joanna, Barbara) the report be approved as presented.  All reports are on file at the Co-op.
• A US Bank representative gave information about the possibility of the Co-op using credit/debit cards.  A question and answer session followed.  Carol mentioned there are other credit/debit card services available and we would be getting more information.
• Jeff Nelson from HBC Inc. (Historic Baker City) gave information about the advantages of becoming an HBC member.  Among the benefits are design reviews and economic restructuring.  There will be grants available from the Leo Adler Foundation this fall.
• Co-op insurance with Clark and Clark was reviewed.  MSUC (Barbara, Jewel) the Co-op accept insurance for the current policy time for $580 from April to October, 2014.  Information was provided that insurance coverage for loss of income insurance would be $249.  More information about this coverage was requested to make a more informed decision on this insurance.  It was suggested that other bids be collected before October.
• Dennis gave an update on the roof replacement from the Upson Company.  The goal to replace the roof is tentatively scheduled the latter part of August, taking about two weeks.  The bid for removing the lift from the roof was $9,150.00.  The Board was hesitant to commit the extra money.  MSUC (Jewel, Vicki) to have further input and discussion on this issue next month.
• Carol presented the bids for a maintenance agreement for the Co-op refrigerators and freezers.  After discussion, MSUC (Susie, Mary) that the Co-op have the agreement with Scotts Heating and Cooling for two visits (May and November) for $775 per year.
• Carol also reported the information for new air conditioning bids for when the roof is installed.  No action was needed at this time.
• Vicki gave a report on the Energy Audit from the Oregon Department of Energy.  It will involve a $225 matching grant to do the “whole-building energy use and walk-through audit”. It was felt that some long-term benefits and cost savings may be identified from this program, as well as potential grant opportunities.  MSUC (Susie, Mary) the Co-op take advantage of this audit for $225.
• Bart Murray reported that The Policy and Procedures Committee will have drafts for both employees and member owners ready to present to the Board by the July Board meeting.

Manager’s Report:
• Carol reported that Ben Titus has submitted a resume to apply for the temporary staff position of managing the Co-op on Saturdays.  MSUC (Barb, Jewel) that Carol offer the position to Ben.  Carol and Jana would also like to have someone to help during Thursday afternoon to provide more flexibility for scheduling staff.  The Board will finalize the job description, prepared by Carol and Jana, for this position.

Working Member Coordinator Report:
• Eight new members have been welcomed this month.  There were 23 members who worked more than 10 hours.  Julie Richards is the Department Head of the Month, and Toni Goss is the Working Member of the Month.
• There is a continuing need for cashiers, and there is an opening for the Gluten Free Department Head.

POS (Point of Sale) Administrator Report:
There was no report this month.

• Sheri King, representing a number of the member owners, presented a Timeline of Events starting from September  2005, and Member Owner Solutions.  The papers relate to the Board’s actions of having the Co-op’s lawyer mail lease terms to Wes Dickison for the barbershop space instead of having a Board member deliver the document in person.  Concerns were also associated with the terms and rent for the lease of the barbershop space.  A petition campaign was also discussed, but the petition was not presented to the Board.

•MSUC (Barbara, Joanna) that the Board write and deliver a letter of apology to Wes.
•Sheri King volunteered to serve as a liaison to help share information from the Board with Member Owners.

At about 6 pm MSUC (Joanna, Vicki) the meeting be adjourned.
— Susie Busch, Secretary
Minutes are written according to Robert’s Rules of Order guidelines.

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