Our Mission

To supply affordable high quality natural and organic foods, supplements, sundries, and natural cleaning products to Northeast Oregon as a cooperative utilizing working members. To support direct sale of locally grown and produced food.

Our Vision

To stay true to our mission while maintaining our working member structure and family atmosphere.

Our Goals

  1. We strive to provide shoppers with information about recipes, product uses, ingredients, and origins. We promote the benefits of organic and naturally raised/produced products. This is accomplished by means of our newsletters, displays, and informed store workers.
  2. We encourage an active community by providing benefits exclusive to members and working members.
  3. We provide organic and naturally raised foods and products obtained from local producers. We educate the community in the progress of such local businesses and encourage their development. We present our products with the best quality possible.
  4. We exemplify the ideals of a true cooperative by encouraging a true sense of ownership through communication and openness to ideas and suggestions for improvements, revision and expansion.
  5. We continue to move toward an efficient and friendly, full service cooperative store through mutual respect, staff and membership education and a conscientious effort to meet the needs of our customers and the general community.

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