August Co-op Directors Message

The Board has been working to develop processes for improving sales, net profits and communication. Net profit increases are always needed to maintain a healthy Co-op — to pay bills, to provide needed freezer and refrigerator space to store and display items as well as to provide services that member-owners and others desire.

To improve communication, the Baker Food Co-op Website Manager Department Head, Dave Densley, is working to make information about the Co-op available on the Internet and Facebook. Website traffic is increasing and plans are to advertise new products and sale items on the Website Also, be sure to look up the Co-op on Facebook.

The Co-op Newsletter is also available via e-mail. It contains news about the Co-op which includes information about new products and sale items. If you would like this quick and easy way to access information, be sure to register your e-mail at the Co-op or send Dave an e-mail at:

The Member-Owner Potluck Picnic was held July 21 at Geiser Pollman Park. Everyone enjoyed great food and fellowship in spite of the cool and windy evening. Remember, Co-op Bylaws require Member-Owner meetings every three months, so be sure to attend so you can have a
voice in your Co-op.

The Board thanks our great Staff, Department Heads, Working Members and Member Owners for making Baker Food Co-op a continuing success. Our Co-op has a 35 year history of providing quality products and serving our community.

As we all work together, our success will continue.