New Badger Balm Products

from Jennifer Banister Personal Care Department Manager

Hello everyone, this month I’m highlighting some of the new Badger Balm products we just got in. Don’t forget you can browse the Badger Company catalog (on the Personal Care shelf) and order new products you would like to try.

Muscle Rub: Original Blend

Made with Cayenne and Ginger; gently soothes and relaxes sore muscles. Stimulates your circulation to warm and loosen muscles before and after exercise. Claims to be the “best-smelling muscle rub in the universe”!


Sore Joint Rub: Arnica Blend

Double the cayenne extract of the Original Muscle Rub, plus CO2 Extracts of Black Pepper and Arnica Montana. A soothing, warming joint rub that really works!


Sore Muscle Rub: Cooling Blend

Camphor, Cajeput and Clove combine to penetrate deeply to soothe your strained muscles. Peppermint and Eucalyptus add to the cooling sensation.

CAUTION: May irritate some skin types. Test on small area of skin before full use. To remove, use baking soda and cold water.


Sore Muscle Rub: Extra Strength

Feels like the sun warming your skin. Great for stiffness due to strenuous exercise or after a long day weeding or gardening.