New Frozen/Refrigerated Items Plus Trans Fat vs. Sugar & Carbs

Betty Lissman is now ordering the gluten-free frozen products located on the bottom 3 shelves on the right- hand end of the freezer.

You may also be interested in our return to some of the Organic Valley dairy products.  Although we cannot carry a much larger selection, we try to support the best-produced organic products.

I received the following excellent article by Jim Lynn and felt it should be shared (due to lack of space, it has been edited–if you would like to read the entire article, please let me know):

“As you know, obesity has become a real health issue for many Americans. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the problem is we are eating too much saturated fat.

…there is a plan afoot by the WHO and our …federal government to control… the amount of saturated and trans fat we eat. To encourage us to eat less fats the feds are considering a “fat tax” on foods containing saturated fat.  … Virtually all meat and dairy products like whole milk, butter, ice cream and cheese would have this fat tax imposed.   ……But is saturated fat really the problem?

Truth is, saturated fat is not the problem. Back 100 years ago,… everyone ate lard, bacon drippings, and butter. …A 100 years ago heart disease was all but non-existent. Today, we eat less saturated fat, yet heart disease remains the number one killer in America.

…So what’s the real problem …causing obesity, diabetes and heart disease?  …too much sugar (and refined carbs). …consistent evidence shows that when people eat natural animal fats (not trans fats), and skip the sugar and processed carbs, they have much lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.  ……below  is a link to an article called, Why Butter is Better.  You will be amazed at the goodness found in full fat  natural butter.

…I am not saying to ignore everything you’ve read about eating saturated fat. Too much of anything can be detrimental to your health.  …use …common sense… Understand your body needs saturated fat to maintain a healthy balance called homeostasis.

Do not confuse saturated fats like those found in meat and dairy products with trans fats. Trans fats are used to increase the shelf life of many commercially processed foods.”

Happy November! Rosemary  Dayhoff