What’s Happening “On Board”

Happy New Years from your board of directors!  Wow – what a ride this last year has been!  On December 21st we passed  1/2 million dollars in sales!!  What a milestone to reach.

Just a little trivia:  when Susie and I joined the board  10 years ago our monthly sales were $12 – $16,000; now we are doing that in a week.  Our total sales for 2011 was $512,584!

A BIG thank you to our members, working members and staff!  It is because of you we have this wonderful Co-op that is surviving and thriving in today’s economy.  We truly have a Co-op to be proud of.  We are looking forward to another great year as we all work together to meet our members’ needs.

A couple of things we are going to focus on for this next year are classes and the internet.

Classes – we will be having cooking demonstrations, lectures, etc.  If you have some ideas or an interest in teaching a class let us know. In January Arnie is going to teach us how to make tortillas and Dave will show us how to cook rice and beans to fill them with.  Please don’t burn them!!!!

Internet – Dave has been doing a great job of bringing us into the technological age.  We will be doing more with email, facebook, etc. this year.  Be sure to get signed up so you can take advantage it.

Thanks again for all that each of you do to make our Baker Food Co-op what it is.

Valerie Tachenko