What’s Happening “ON BOARD”

Susie, Ken, Dave, Valerie, Bart, Sheri and Jewel

Just think, we’re going to celebrate our second anniversary in March at the store here on Broadway AND we have reached the half million dollar mark!  So what is the heart of the Baker Food Co-op?

Working members include: cashiers, packagers, freight crew, cleaning crew, department managers, staff, shopping members and a working Board.  What are some of the things we do as your Board?  I  represent Baker Food Co-op twice a month at the Baker City business meetings, talking up our store and products… and I include free samples!

We commit to attend the Co-op Board meeting once a month and the quarterly membership meetings.  We take care of the business behind the scenes, review the bills and pay them.

So congratulations on our anniversary and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Jewel Pilcher, Vice President