Greetings From The Gluten-Free Section!

Be sure and check out our new BIGGER FREEZER SECTION.  We have four varieties of  DONUTS.  We have Chocolate Dipped, Maple Glazed, Cinnamon Sugar and Vanilla Glazed.  We have two new Muffin Tops…you know, ” just the tops” which are the very best parts, in Chocolate Chia, and Blueberry Oat.

Check out the Frozen Ravioli in Cheese and Spinach options.  They are tasty in a pasta sauce or white sauce. We have a new King Arthur Muffin Mix and our new item called Bagel Chips in a Cinnamon & Sugar that are wonderful and a great snack.  I make it a practice to try anything new I find to order and I may need help with this task as I may outgrow my clothes without some volunteer tasters!

Every day I give thanks for all the wonderful new Gluten Free products that are available.  It is a different world since I started needing to be gluten free 22 years ago.

Good Eating ………Betty Lissman