What’s Happening “On Board”

Baker Food Co-op Member-Owners’ picnic at Geiser Pollman Park

The July Member-Owners’ picnic at Geiser Pollman park was blessed with nice weather and great food. One of the fun things about being a member is all the new recipes you get to try at our gatherings.

The Member-Owners’ meeting at the picnic addressed a number of important issues for the Co-op:

  1. The Member-Owners voted to make two changes in our By-Laws:
    • The past Board President will serve in an advisory, non-voting position for one year.
    • There will be no absentee voting for Co-op elections.
  2. Co-op papers have been submitted to Old West Federal Credit Union to purchase the 10th Street property. This will be an asset to us when we build or buy our own building.
  3. A Local Products Department Head is needed to promote and implement the sale of locally grown and produced products from the Baker area. We want to support our local growers and producers to have fresh food and products available to all of our members and the public.
  4. The Co-op will hold classes starting this fall to help us better use the items we sell at our store. A number of ideas were suggested including Gluten-free, nutrition, bulk cooking and seed sprouting.
  5. The Co-op continues to improve financially and in our ability to serve the public with healthy food and products. We have great staff and wonderful working members who are making a difference in our community!

I enjoyed the picnic and look forward to our next event.

—Bart Murray, Co-op Board Member