October is Non-GMO Month in the Snack Aisle!

In the last dozen years the prevalence of genetically modified ingredients in our food supply has expanded by leaps and bounds.  It is nearly impossible to walk into a snack aisle of any major supermarket and pick up a product that does not contain GMOs.  The majority of corn, soy and canola grown and consumed in our country is GMO and those ingredients are in nearly all of our food.  While the companies behind this technology tell consumers that it is safe to eat, there have been no long term studies on the safety of these products in our diets.  Studies on rats and mice fed GMO diets of corn and soy show the development of cancerous tumors, liver and kidney damage, reduced fertility and high infant death rates.  The choice of whether or not to feed this same diet to our children is ours alone, as no labeling of GMO ingredients is required anywhere in the United States.

Here in your Co-op snack aisle we have been doing everything possible to bring safe and  healthy snack food to you and your family.  Many of our products are either certified organic (meaning gmo-free) or certified to contain zero GMOs by the NON-GMO Project.  Look for and purchase these products and make the choice to support sustainable, organic agriculture that provides healthy, truly natural food for your family.

Thanks and Happy Eating!!

Jim Lawrence, Department Manager