• Did you know that EACH MONTH over 90 working members are diligent to keep the Co-op open?  The Board of  Directors  would like  to  thank  each  of  you.   The  Co-op  Staff  is very dedicated.  A sampling of the many other workers are the Department Heads, who work hard to keep wholesome  food,   supplements  and   healthy  personal   care  and   cleaning  products ordered.  The freight crews are busy carrying freight and stocking shelves.   Cashiers, cleaning  crews,  packagers  and  many  others  are  faithful  to  see their  jobs are done.   Because this  is a Cooperative,  every  member  owns  the  Co-op  and  has  the opportunity  of  reduced  prices.  If  you’re  a  working  member up to 30% can be saved.  That is good news for your budget.
  • Several years ago the Member-Owners  voted to buy a vacant lot on 10th Street.  Baker Food Co-op is now the proud owner of that property.  One of the options that will be investigated is using the property for a Community Garden.
  • The  Tasting  Fair:     The  Baker  Food  Co-op  Tasting  Fair  is  scheduled  for Thursday, April 25.    The Co-op  will be closed at 4 pm to prepare for the event and  will open again at 5.   Come  any  time  between  5 to 8 pm.   Whether you’ve attended each year or  this  will  be  the  first  time,  be  sure to  mark  your calendars  for an evening of special  fellowship  and  good food.  Product samples will be available, too. Please invite your friends or family who haven’t been to the Co-op or taken the opportunity to become a member.  You’ll be glad you came!
  • A  Marketing  Seminar  is planned for  Monday,  February 25 from 1 to 2:30 pm.  Department   Heads  and  others  who  are  interested  in  finding  out  more  about  this important part of the Co-op will want to be there.  More information will be given later.

Thanks again,
Susie Busch
Secretary, Board of Directors