What’s Happening “On Board”


Member-owners are all of us at the Baker Food Co-op, where it is easy to communicate and to participate! One way for us to participate is by attending Member-owner Meetings, held every three months. (The next meeting is in late July, just after Miner’s Jubilee. Once a date is announced, please mark your calendar and make it a priority to attend.

Essential and valued! Each of you are vital to the Co-op’s maintaining a successful business.  Please use our Email and Web page to share suggestions with your Board.  Also, “check out” the Co-op’s Newsletter for other news of interest, not found in the…

Minutes. Your Board “publishes” Minutes to help the membership stay informed.   Minutes are posted in the Co-op and are published in the Email version of the newsletter and on the Co-op’s Web page (www.bakerfoodcoop.org).

Belong! The Baker Food Co-op “belongs” to you! Your elected Board of Directors wants to carry out the wishes of its members as much as possible! These Directors are:  Valerie Tachenko, Jewel Pilcher, Susie Busch, Bart Murray, Joanna Driscoll,  Ken Johnson and Fran Hart. You may use their mailboxes, located in the office, as one more way to communicate with them.  Keep in mind, your Board also wants to…

Effectively communicate with you!  It takes both “giving” and “receiving” as we engage in sharing ideas, including educating ourselves and others. Every aspect of running the Co-op is essential! Becoming a vital part of your store will enrich your life and encourage others!

Renew your commitment to be involved!  Your wishes deserve to be represented and responded to! Not only does our store contain resources to keep us healthy and strong, but our members are among the most resilient folks in our community!

Store.  Bet you didn’t imagine ever “owning” a store!  You do!  It is “complete” with Email, (store@bakerfoodcoop.org) and a Suggestion Box located in the store. While shopping, you are welcome to stop and visit with Board members, who are frequent shoppers like yourselves!  Yes, communication is easy, shopping is fun and your store “ownership” is real!   Seeking to serve the Co-op membership by being involved is rewarding! Quality products fill the Baker Food Co-op shelves and contribute to the store’s success.   Smiles of satisfaction and greater success come when we each share in the “give” and “take” of being proud Member-owners!

Thank you, everyone!
Fran Hart,