Vitamin Department

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle grows wild and is found throughout the world. The extract from the dried fruit (seeds) is used in preparing supplements. It has been used for centuries in treating liver disease. The active ingredient is silymarin.

Research has demonstrated that milk thistle protects the liver against damaging toxins. This well-studied herb should be used whenever exposure to liver toxins is anticipated.

Ozone, smog, air pollutants, cigarette smoke, pesticides, alcohol, auto exhaust, environmental chemicals, preservatives, prescription and non-prescription drugs are all very toxic to the liver.

In many experiments and clinical studies, especially in Europe, milk thistle has been shown to prevent and reverse liver damage and to neutralize free radicals. It also stimulates growth of new liver cells and replaces old damaged cells in liver tissue. Milk thistle boosts levels of glutathione, plus it curbs inflammation, thus helping to rejuvenate the liver.

Dr. Juhan Whitaker, founder of the Whitaker Wellness Institute says, “If I could recommend only one supplement for liver support, it would be the herb milk thistle.”

Stay healthy!
Lois Dickey, Manager