What’s Happening “On Board”

A “Little”  Means  “A Lot”… to Everyone!coop-board-ship

Over the next few months, I will be sharing what this means for you and for me, as “member-owners” of our wonderful Baker Food Co-op!

The International Cooperative Alliance’s definition of a co-operative is this: “A co-operative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically controlled enterprise.”  (Italics are mine).

This is the quote that Baker Food Co-op President, Valerie Tachenko shared to open the Baker Food Co-op Member Picnic and Meeting at Geiser-Pollman Park, on July 29, 2013.

The many attendees shared their delicious food dishes as well as their helpful ideas as Bylaw changes were discussed, voted upon and important changes made! Enthusiasm was certainly on the menu!  🙂

Thank you everyone who could attend! And our deep appreciation to all who worked diligently to make both the picnic and the meeting a success!

All who were able to attend have a clear passion for their member-owned business! Attendees respectfully exercised their “rights” as “owners.”  Moreover, they took their “responsibilities” seriously as they shared their excellent ideas and ideals for the future of the Baker Food Co-op.

During the meeting, an important Bylaw change was made. Also, the membership voted unanimously to purchase our present building location! The future of the Baker Food Co-op is bright!

However, we ALL need to keep in mind that with each of our member-owner “rights and responsibilities” to shop and to vote, also comes our “rights and responsibilities” to contribute and help in any way we can. This can be through sharing our time, our talent OR our resources. There are still discussions to be had and decisions to be made and your input is needed and necessary. No task is too small! 🙂

Kindly consider how YOU, a valued member-owner, will “volunteer”  YOUR time, talent and/or resources to move the Baker Food Co-op forward into a resilient  “local and global” business model.

To be continued next month…
Fran Hart, Member-At-Large