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 5 hydroxytryptophan is a neurotransmitter used by the body to make seratonin and melatonin.

 5-HTP is used as a precursor to melatonin. 5-HTP may help to induce sleep. Increasing seratonin increases melatonin, the natural hormone that regulates the body’s sleep cycle. It helps to influence mood.

 5-HTP is about 10 times stronger than tryptophan and readily converts to seratonin. Seratonin is absolutely essential for smooth brain function. If one has a deficiency of seratonin in the brain, symptoms of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, pain, migraines, seasonal affective disorder, weight loss, obesity and insomnia can occur.

 Generally, 300 milligrams per day is recommended. For sleep, as little as 100 milligrams before bedtime may be sufficient.

 CAUTION: Use caution if you are taking antidepressant medication and check with your medical professional before taking 5-HTP.

Stay healthy!

Lois, Manager