Co-op Board Meeting Minutes – October

The October meeting of the Baker Food Co-op Board of Directors was held at the Baker Food Co-op Monday, October 21 at 6 pm. A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order by President, Valerie Tachenko. Board Members present were Valerie Tachenko, Jewel Pilcher, Linda Cyr, Fran Hart, Joanna Driscol, and Susie Busch. Carol Morrison, Arnie Skeels, and Jana Simpson were also present.

(Note: MSUC = Moved, seconded, carried by unanimous vote. MSC = Moved, seconded, carried; those dissenting will be listed.)


*The September Board minutes were read. MSUC (Joanna, Fran) the minutes be approved as read. All minutes are on file at the Co-op.

*The Treasurer’s report was distributed and reviewed. Linda printed the value of products sold for each Department from July through September. This information will be used to help Department Heads discern how their products are selling compared to recent months. MSUC (Jewel, Susie) the report be accepted. All Treasurers’ reports are on file at the Co-op.

*Update on buying Broadway building – The Co-op is still waiting for Elkhorn Title to obtain a clear title to the property. The legal work cannot be completed until a clear title is processed. It is hoped this issue can be resolved soon. The Board will keep the Member Owners informed.

*Ken Johnson’s Member-at-Large Board replacement was discussed.

*A committee met October 4, 2013 to make final proposals for updating the Bylaw changes passed at the July Member Owner meeting. MSUC (Jewel, Joanna) the voting proposed changes be presented, as read, at the October Member Owner meeting for the first reading, as required by the Bylaws. MSUC (Joanna, Jewel) the grievance proposed changes, as read, be read at the October Member Owner meeting for the first reading, as required by the Bylaws.

Manager’s Report

-There will be more Co-op advertising in the telephone books in the future.

-A replacement for the Supplement Department Head needs to be found.

-As a part of advertising, the Co-op will give two $25 gift certificates for the Food Revolution to be held at the High School.

Working Member Coordinator’s Report

-Jana is quickly learning the operation of the Co-op, and meeting many shoppers, members, and working members. Please introduce yourself to her when you are in the Co-op.

-She suggests the website and Facebook be updated on a regular basis.

-Jana will put together the Co-op basket for the Festival of Trees.

POS (Point of Sale) Administrator’s Report

-Arnie has bought two monitors to update Co-op computers.

-There is much work to be done as he gets the new COPOS system working. It should be online in the near future.

Cashier Trainer’s Report

-There was no report for this month. More cashier spots are being filled.


With no further business, MSUC (Jewel, Fran) to adjourn.


Respectfully submitted,

Susie Busch – Secretary