Kava Kava

(BE ADVISED: This article does not intend to diagnose health concerns nor does it constitute a recommendation. Always keep your licensed healthcare practitioner informed when taking vitamins, supplements or medicinal herbs.)

Kava is a member of the pepper family. It is a popular herbal drink in the Pacific Islands used in ceremonies and celebrations because of its calming and relaxing action. The main active ingredient is kavalactones.
Kava is used as a treatment for anxiety, nervousness and stress. It produces relaxation with no loss of mental acuity, making it an ideal supplement for today’s lifestyle. Studies have shown kava to be as effective as certain anti-anxiety drugs, without the serious side effects.

Kava has also been shown to enhance perception, awareness and clarity of thought. Beneficial effects can be seen in a week. Due to the calming effects and relaxation action of kava, caution should be used when driving.

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Stay healthy!
Lois Dickey