November 18, 2013 Directors Meeting Minutes

The November meeting of the Baker Food Co-op Board of Directors was held at the Baker Food Co-op Monday, November 21 at 6 pm. A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order by President, Valerie Tachenko. Board Members present were Valerie Tachenko, Jewel Pilcher, Linda Cyr, Bart Murray, and Susie Busch. Arnie Skeels, and Jana Simpson were also present.

Note: MSUC=It was moved, seconded, carried by Unanimous vote.
MSC: It was moved, seconded, carried. Those dissenting will be listed.

The October Board minutes were read. MSUC (Bart, Jewel) the minutes be approved as read. All minutes are on file at the Co-op.
The Treasurer’s report was distributed and reviewed. Linda printed the value of products sold for each Department from July through October. This information is used to help Department Heads discern how their products are selling compared to sales in recent months. MSUC (Jewel, Susie) the report be accepted. All Treasurer’s reports are on file at the Co-op.

Manager’s Report:
Used bins have been purchased that will be used to reorganize and expand the bulk area, giving better access to more products.
Two coolers are no longer working, and will be replaced.
The Department Heads have met with Carol and Valerie to discuss ways to improve their departments, and how to buy products that will meet the many needs of Co-op shoppers, especially during the upcoming Holiday season. Healthy Advantage products will be stressed.
In January, the Department Heads, Cashiers, Board and Staff will meet to hear an inspiring presentation, “Meeting Generations in the Workplace.”

Working Member Coordinator Report:
Nine new members have been welcomed this month. New cashiers are being trained, and the cashier calendar is filling nicely this month.
Working members are needed for cleaning. Each hour cleaning is worth 1 ½ hours.
Lois Dickey is the Department Head of the Month, and Danae Simonski is the Working Member of the Month. There were 23 members who worked over 10 hours this month. A HUGE THANKS to Baker Food Co-op working members!!! Our Co-op would not be able to exist without all working members.
Jana is working with Dave Densley, Website Manager, to redesign the website and Facebook page.
New classes will be started in January. If anyone has a suggestion for a class, or knows someone who would be able to teach a class, please contact the Staff.

POS (Point of Sale) Administrator Report:
Arnie will prepare a COPOS value of products sold each month to put in the Department Head mailboxes.
Arnie is training Jana in Azure ordering, and then will train in UNFI ordering.
A working member is needed to prepare a new products flyer from the Co-op website.
The new COPOS system will be online in the near future.

Cashier Trainer Report:
There was no report this month.
Update on buying Broadway building:
The Co-op is still waiting for Elkhorn Title to obtain a clear title to the property. The legal work has been very slow, and the seller is trying to speed the process.

With no further business MSUC (Bart, Jewel) the meeting adjourn.
Susie Busch, Secretary