December 16, 2013 Directors Meeting Minutes

The December meeting of the Baker Food Co-op Board of Directors was held at the Baker Food Co-op Monday, December 16 at 6 pm.  A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order by President, Valerie Tachenko.  Board Members present were Valerie Tachenko, Jewel Pilcher, Bart Murray, Fran Hart , Joanna Driscol and Susie Busch.  Carol Morrison, Arnie Skeels, and Jana Simpson were also present.

Note:  MSUC=It was moved, seconded, carried by Unanimous vote.

MSC:  It was moved, seconded, carried.  Those dissenting will be listed.

  • Reports:
    • The November Board minutes were summarized.  MSUC (Fran, Jewel) the minutes be approved as read.  All minutes are on file at the Co-op.
    • There was no Treasurer’s report.  The Board reviewed the value of products sold for each department from July through November.  This is a helpful tool for all department heads to use as they monitor how products are selling.
    • Manager’s Report:
      • The Co-op gave two gift certificates to Senior Appreciation Day at Community Connections.  The Co-op received a Certificate of Appreciation from Community Connections for showing support to Senior Citizens.
      • Carol reported the lighting in the produce area will need to be changed due to bulb availability.  MSUC (Jewel, Joanna) to replace lighting in the Produce Department.
      • The back cooler in the storeroom will be checked.
      • Ann Marie Roberts will be the new Produce Department Head.
      • Inventory is scheduled for January 17 and 18.
    • Working Member Coordinator Report:
      • Eight new members have been welcomed this month.  New cashiers are being trained, and the cashier calendar is filling nicely each month.
      • Rachel Bender is the Department Head of the Month, and Frank and Sandy Gritsan are the Working Members of the Month.
    • POS (Point of Sale) Administrator Report:
      • Arnie will continue putting COPOS printouts of monthly value of products sold in all Department Head mailboxes.
      • A new computer station is being set up downstairs to print shelf tags.
      • The new COPOS system will be online after the inventory.
    • Cashier Trainer Report:
      • There was no report this month.
    • Update on buying Broadway building:
      • The Co-op is still waiting for Elkhorn Title to obtain a clear title to the property.  The legal work has been very slow, because of the required waiting period.  The seller is working with his lawyer to draw up a letter of intent to sell.  The seller is anxious (as is the Co-op) for the paper work to be completed soon so the building can be purchased.
    • Bart reported that the Policy and Procedures Committee has been meeting, and will provide a rough draft for the Board to peruse.
    • The Co-op Bylaws require a Nominating Committee consisting of two Member Owners and one Board member to be elected at the January 27, 2014 Member Owner Meeting.  The function of this committee is to find people who would like to serve on the Board of Directors.  People interested in serving on this committee can submit their names to the store manager or notify a Board member.  Advertising for this committee will be in the Co-op newsletter, on e-mail and in the webpage.

With no further business MSUC (Jewel, Joanna) the meeting adjourn.

Susie Busch, Secretary