January Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for Baker Food Co-op
January 27, 2014 Directors Meeting

The January meeting of the Baker Food Co-op Board of Directors was held at the Baker Food Co-op Monday, January 27 at 6 pm. A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order by President, Valerie Tachenko. Board Members present were Valerie Tachenko, Bart Murray, Fran Hart, Joanna Driscol, Linda Cyr, and Susie Busch. Staff members, Carol Morrison and Jana Simpson were also present.

Note: MSUC=It was moved, seconded, carried by Unanimous vote.
MSC: It was moved, seconded, carried. Those dissenting will be listed.

The December Board minutes were summarized. MSUC (Bart, Fran) the minutes be approved as read. All minutes are on file at the Co-op.
The Treasurer’s report was given. The year-end report revealed the Co-op is doing well. Yearly expenses are under budget. QuickBooks will need to be updated, and a remote access version will be purchased. The Board reviewed products sold in each Department for the year. This information is helpful for the Board, Staff, and Department Heads to monitor buying and selling products. MSUC (Joanna, Susie) the report be approved as presented. All reports are on file at the Co-op.

Gayle Hammond presented information about the N.E. Oregon Gardening Symposium sponsored by OSU Extension Service and Baker City Master Gardeners to be held May 17, 2014 from 8 am to 4 pm at the Baker High School. MSUC (Bart, Joanna) that Baker Co-op commit $200 to sponsor this seminar at the Gold Level. At this level of sponsorship the Co-op will receive a great deal of advertising throughout the area.

The Baker Food Co-op Annual Tasting Fair is scheduled for Tuesday, April 8 from 6-8 pm at the Co-op. This time frame will provide Department Heads time to order products, and for advertising to be done.

The Co-op Department Heads will meet in February. Time and place to be determined.

The owner of the Co-op building will present a letter of intent to sell the building to the Co-op. It is hoped the legal work will be completed soon!!
The owner of the building will repair the cracked front window. Two parties have expressed interest in the Co-op’s 10th Street lot that is for sale.

The Policy and Procedures Committee will present a draft of the Co-op Policy and Procedures to the Board.

A copy of the 2013 website traffic, compiled by Website Department Head Dave Densley, was distributed to the Board.

Manager’s Report:
The lighting in the produce area will be updated soon.
The back cooler will be checked.
Two anti-fading signs will be purchased for the front window.
Inventory went well, and thanks to all who helped. Many Department Heads inventoried their departments. The inventory was done in partial days, Thursday through Saturday, which allowed the store to remain open.

Working Member Coordinator Report:
Four new members have been welcomed this month with three new working members. There were 15 members who worked more than 10 hours. Rosemary Dayhoff is the Department Head of the Month, and Barb Carnahan is the Working Member of the Month.
A new person will be needed to publish the Co-op newsletter. Dee O’Dell will continue doing this through March so someone can be trained.

There was no POS (Point of Sale) Administrator Report.
There was no Cashier Trainer Report.

With no further business MSUC (Jewel, Joanna) the meeting adjourn.

Susie Busch, Secretary