April Announcements

As of January the PRODUCE TRUCk is coming on Mondays!
Mondays –UNFI Truck/Produce Wednesdays—Bi-weekly Azure Truck Thursdays—Special Orders & Dept. Head orders due
Fridays—Orders are submitted

Department Head of the Month
Ann Marie Roberts
Produce/Dried Fruit & Goodies
Ann Marie’s experience in the pro- duce department definitely shows. She’s done an exceptional job. She’s also filling in for Cheryl Weitz doing the Dried Fruit & Goodies. Thank you so much for all of your help, keep up the good work!

Working Member of the Month
Sandra Vassar
UNFI truck crew/Dave’s Killer Bread
Sandra is here very Monday helping un- load the United Foods truck. She comes in and places orders weekly for Dave’s Killer Bread. She is also our sweet tooth fairy every time she comes in. Way to spoil us Sandra! Thank you so much!