Baker Food Co-op – A Service to the Community

A Cooperative is a business owned and run by and for its members who cooperate to make it a success. Baker Food Co-op has prospered for more than three decades as a cooperative venture. It continues to prosper because members want to ensure that high quality food and products are available at reasonable prices. It continues to serve people in Baker City and the surrounding communities.
Baker Food Co-op is unique by providing members the opportunity to work for up to a 30% discount on all purchases!!! Most other Co-ops have a cadre of hired staff and provide minimal discount to members.
Whether you are a working member or a non-working member, your involvement is important. Please make an effort to learn more about your Co-op by attending Board of Directors’ meetings and Member Owner Meetings. Consider how YOU can be involved so the Co-op can continue to be a vibrant part of our community.

— Susie Busch