August Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes for Baker Food Co-op
August 21, 2014, Directors Meeting

The August meeting of the Baker Food Co-op Board of Directors was held at the Baker Food Co-op Thursday, August 21 at 4 pm. A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order by Vice President, Jewel Pilcher. Board Members present were Jewel Pilcher, Barbara Haynes, Vicki Wares, Mary Jones, Linda Cyr and Susie Busch. Staff members, Carol Morrison, Jana Simpson, and Arnie Skeels, Department Head, Dave Densley and Member Owner, Bart Murray, were also present.
Note: MSUC=It was moved, seconded, carried by Unanimous vote.
MSC: It was moved, seconded, carried. Those dissenting will be listed.

• Vice President, Jewel Pilcher, read the Board of Director duties as written in the Co-op Bylaws (Article 4. 1, a-f), and the Meeting Management Guidelines were reviewed. The sign-in sheet and the meeting agenda were provided.
• The agenda was reviewed. MSUC (Vicki, Barbara) to accept the agenda.
• The July Board minutes were read. MSUC (Mary, Barbara) the minutes be approved as read. All minutes are on file at the Co-op.
• Linda Cyr gave the following financial information: Profit and Loss, Sales/Gross Profit for the last year, Staff hours worked, Balance sheet, Forecast, Department Sales, and Statement of Cash Flows. The Board was asked to specify if they wanted a simplified report in the future. MSUC (Vicki, Barbara) the report be accepted. All Treasurer’s reports are on file at the Co-op. Guyer & Associates CPA and Garcher & Colton CPA were the two companies reviewed or outsourcing payroll bookkeeping. MSUC (Barbara, Mary) if Guyer’s figures are comparable to Garcher’s for one time payroll per month then Linda will make arrangements to have Guyer do the work.

Manager’s Report:
Carol reported that she has purchased the energy efficient light fixtures for the Co-op. A step
ladder that reaches to the ceiling is needed for their installation.
The SNAP (Food Stamp) machine will no longer be free, and cannot be purchased. The cost for
renting the machine will be $25 per month.
The debit card paper work with the Credit Union has been processed, and the card should be
available for use by the Co-op shortly.
The door to the kitchen has been removed to enhance air circulation and help cool the kitchen.
An exhaust pipe will need to be placed in the chimney to vent the furnace exhaust because the
exhaust deteriorates the mortar in the chimney.

Working Member Coordinator Report:
Jana reported 6 new members, 2 new working members, and 27 working members worked over
10 hours last month.
Betty Lissman continues with the Gluten Free Department, but would appreciate someone to
take her place. She will happily train her replacement.
Gary Smith is the Working Member of the month. He is a valuable member of the produce
crew. He does all the heavy lifting, and makes many trips to the basement when the freight truck comes. He is a phone call away when the Azure truck comes, especially when the truck is late.
Sandi Reyes is the Working Member of the month. Sandi helps with the UNFI truck AND has filled in for Jim Lawrence the last month and a half, ordering, stocking and quality control in his Beverages and Snacks Department. She also helps clean the scoops in the Bulk Department.

POS Administrator Report:
Arnie has been writing instructions for the UNFI transfer for Jana. He will be training Jana on
this during the coming week.
Computer equipment is performing OK. He is working on terminals so more working members
can access COPOS.
The Department Heads appreciated getting product information for their Departments.
Arnie will research a method of controlling coolers so they don’t come on at the same time and cause problems with the breakers.
Saturday and Thursday afternoon Staff: Ben Titus is the temporary Saturday staff person to manage the Co-op. There is need to find someone to fill both times.

Unfinished Business:
• Bart Murray presented an update from the Policy and Procedures Committee. The Committee is completing the Staff P & P’s, and will work developing P&P’s for Working Members and the Board. One Board member has been asked to join the committee.
• Website Department Head, Dave Densley reported there were 530 e-mail newsletters sent, 446 Facebook fans, 505 views on the website and 190 visitors.
Discussion followed on ways to improve Facebook posting. MSUC (Susie, Barbara) for Dave to purchase a mobile device for taking and posting pictures on Facebook. To improve timely information, Working Member Coordinator, Jana Simpson, will post Co-op announcements and information on the Co-op Facebook page.
• Barbara discussed the proposed Committee priority and sign up. It was decided that a larger advertising effort for Committee participation be advertised on Facebook, the web page, and throughout the store. If a member signs up for more than one committee they will need to indicate their order of preference. The Board will rank the committees, and will write the charter and time line for each committee.
• Mary, Barbara and Vicki, met with Co-op Department Heads to become acquainted, and obtain input from them. Productive dialogue took place as questions were answered, and input and suggestions were given by Department Heads. The input list will be addressed further as the Board and Staff work together with the Department Heads.
• The 10th Street vacant lot will be more actively advertised for sale.
• Removal of the old elevator shaft cover from the Co-op roof was discussed. MSUC (Vicki, Susie) that the elevator shaft cover be removed for $1165 plus the $600 for roofing.
• The roof replacement is scheduled to begin September 8. The swamp cooler on the roof will be removed and saved for parts. The roofing project is expected to take about two weeks. Removing the elevator shaft cover and the reroofing will require closure of the north parking lot. Susie has talked with the Episcopal Church about the parking lot closure.
New Business:
• The Cooperative permit paper work was completed by Valerie Tachenko, and the check was sent August 17. The permit is paid until October 19, 2015.
• Due to personal time constraints, Joanna Driscol resigned her Member at Large position. MSUC (Susie, Mary) to appoint Tim Banister to fill her remaining position. As a result, the Board meeting time will be adjusted to 6:00 pm the third Thursday of every month so all Board members can attend.

With no further business MUC (Mary) the meeting be adjourned.— Susie Busch, Secretary