February 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

DRAFT Minutes for Baker Food Co-op

February 19, 2015, Directors Meeting

The February meeting of the Baker Food Co-op Board of Directors was held at the Baker Food Co-op Thursday, February 19 at 6 pm.  A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order by President, Dennis Winkler.  Board Members present were Dennis Winkler, Jewel Pilcher, Barbara Haynes, Tim Banister, Vicki Wares, and Susie Busch.


Note:  MSUC=It was moved, seconded, carried by Unanimous vote.

MSC:  It was moved, seconded, carried.  Those dissenting will be listed.

  • It was MSUC (Barbara, Susie) to accept the agenda.
  • Representatives from the Co-op Physical Infrastructure and Energy Committee (PIE) gave their recommendations for the lighting, venting, and cooling of the Co-op building.
  • A representative from the Co-op 5 Year Planning Committee reported that a questionnaire is being prepared.
  • A credit/debit card representative gave a presentation.
  • It was MSUC (Jewel, Barbara) the minutes for the January meeting be approved as summarized.
  • After reviewing the Treasurer’s report, it was MSUC (Barbara, Jewel) the Treasurer’s report be approved.
  • There were no Member Owner Comments

Staff Reports:  

  • Manager:  Carol Morrison
    • The Co-op is waiting for a date for the OTEC lighting installation of LED lights.
    • It was MSUC (Jewel, Tim) that the Co-op will advertise with the N.E. Oregon Gardening Symposium sponsored by the OSU Extension Service and Baker City Master Gardeners this spring at the $50 level.
    • Staffing hours, permits needed for tree removal, and handyman projects were reported.
  • Working Member Coordinator:  Jana Simpson
    • Thirteen new members joined the Co-op in January, and 22 working members worked 10 or more hours.
    • Dave Densley and Linda Cordtz are the working members honored for the month of February.  Dave keeps our webpage running properly and Linda is the store and window decorator.
    • New cashiers are being trained, and there is always a need for more cashiers.
  • Unfinished Business:
  • The Policy and Procedures Committee and the Board will finalize the Co-op Staff Policy and Procedures.
  • There was further discussion on several credit/debit card proposals.  Dennis will investigate proposals and bring the findings to the Board for a decision.
  • New Business:
  • Staff and Board members expressed the desire to have the Member Owner potluck picnic be reinstated again for the July Member Owner Meeting.  It was MSUC (Jewel, Barbara) to restore the Annual July Potluck Picnic.  The members at the meeting appreciated Leslie Gecy’s offer to organize a potluck before the April Member Owner meeting, but they asked that the potluck be rescheduled for the July Member Owner meeting.  Another type of social gathering will be announced for the April Annual Meeting of the Co-op.
  • In years past the Annual Tasting Fair has taken place in the spring or fall.  With so many projects underway this spring, it was MSUC (Vicki, Jewel) that the Yearly Tasting Fair be rescheduled in the Fall.

With no further business MSUC (Vicki, Jewel) the meeting be adjourned.

Susie Busch, Secretary