January 2016 Member Owner and Board meeting

Baker Food Co-op Member Owner Meeting
Tuesday January 19, 2016
Meeting Minutes

Those present:
Board Members:Dennis Winkler, Ann Clark, Lloyd Nelson, Lynne Langrell
Co-op Members: Carolyn Winkler, Larry and Clyde Christian, Sherri O’Reilley, Jewel Pilcher
Co-op Staff: Carol Morrison, Jana Simpson, Pat Cullen,
Treasurer: Dawn Coles,

Secretary’s Report: Valerie is not available due to health reasons so there was no member owner meeting minutes to vote on.

Treasurer’s Report: Dawn says the profit / loss shows net operating income is down but that it does not reflect 2014 property tax. She said that December’s sales were up.

Staff Reports:
Carol reports December’s sales were up. She had Tim Reynolds and Gary Frix look at the basement to clean, remove junk, and remodel. She reported that the Department Head meeting went well. One suggestion was to have a second person on the floor. She also had talked to Bob Whelan about an up-date on the electrical panels. A motion was passed to have Carol get a written bid for the work. She also said that Scott’s Heating had serviced the coolers which they will do three times a year.
Jana reported 28 members had worked 10 or more hours and that we have 2 new working members. She said we have 14 new members and that Katie Maahs is the working member of the month and that Jim Lawrence is the Department Head of the month. Lois Dickey has retired from the co-op after 30 plus years. She was a department head over supplements.

New Business
Nominating committee for the April Board o Director’s elections: The Board will be working to get other committee members. Jewel Pilcher will head the committee. Two Board Members at large and the president will be needed. Dennis will talk to Carolyn K. about being on the committee.
Working Members Policy and Procedures: P&Ps will be passed out to the department heads and working members. They need to be signed and returned by February 11th.
Tasting Fair May 6th 2016: Pat Cullen consented to coordinate the fair. The need for getting samples from suppliers was considered. Specials and sales will be throughout the day and food will be from 4-6 PM. Door prizes will be given.
Draft Budget Committee will meet at the co-op January 28th at 1:30. Dennis, Dawn, and Carol will meet.

Staff Reviews:
Department Head Meetings:
Results of prioritization: Priorities were reviewed with some of the top being: stocking shelves, having a floor person, and having a planning calendar and getting a produce cooler.
Status of Land on 10th Street; It has been actively listed since March with no interest.
Computer / IT needs: Doug Schaffer, Jim Grover, Keven Bradshaw, Dale Burgodus And Dave Davis have been considered. A work meeting will be held February 2nd to pick one.

The next meeting dates: Board of Director’s Meeting, February 16, 2016.
Owner Member Meeting, April 12, 2016

Minutes written by Board Member Lloyd Nelson – Approved 2-16-2016