Board of Director Meeting Minutes March 15, 2016

Baker Food Co-op Board of Director Meeting Minutes
March 15, 2016

The Baker Food Co-op Board of Director meeting was held at the Baker County Library on Tuesday, March 15, 2016. A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order by President, Dennis Winkler at 1804. Board Members present were Dennis Winkler, Ann Clark, Lloyd Nelson, Valerie Potter and Lynne Langrell. Present also were Dawn Coles, Treasurer, Dale Bogardus, IT specialist, Staff Members – Carol Morrison, Jana Simpson and Pat Cullen, Members – Susie Busch, Clyde and Larry Christian, and Everett Coombes
NOTE: MSUC = It was moved, seconded, and carried by Unanimous vote. MSC = It was moved, seconded and carried.

Agenda reviewed MSUC (Val,Lynne)
Round the table introductions. New faces = members, Clyde and Larry (potential board member Clyde) and Everett Coombes (potential board member).

Secretary’s Report – 2/16/16 draft minutes, prepared by Susie Busch, were summarized by Valerie Potter. MSUC (Lynne,Lloyd) to accept as is. Meeting minutes will be posted at the Baker Co-op and can be found on our website (

Treasurer’s Report – Dawn Coles presented current information. After discussion the report MSUC (Ann,Lynne) was accepted as presented. The report is on file at the Co-op.
Dawn completed payroll with the new Quickbooks system in minimal time.
Question’s regarding – vacation time/pay (Dennis will look up in P&P) Dawn will review the law and bring to the next meeting.

Staff Reports:

Manager: Carol Morrison
2 projects completed in the last month: Carol facilitated both projects which were completed on two different Saturdays.
Painting and repair in bulk section.
Electrical project – $2000.00 (anonymous donor) Meter update.
Scanner has been fixed.
Next Department Head meeting will be Thursday, April 14, 2016 @ 1pm at the Co-op.
All Dept. Heads need to be in attendance because Tasting Fair is coming up in May.
Tasting Fair will be held on Friday, May 6, 2016. Sales start at 2pm, food tasting from 4-6pm.
Pat Cullen is organizing this.

We are having some flooring issues. Carol spoke with Ryan T. and he will come and give us a quote (Friday) but the earliest he could do the job would be October.
Question about Dawn being a signer for payroll checks. (Board will discuss at a later date.)
Question – Can a current dept. head be a member of the BoD. (To be discussed later in meeting tonight.)

Working Member Coordinator: Jana Simpson
There were 14 new members in February (3 cashiers and 3 produce folks).
Gwen O. and Katie B were recognized as Working Members of the Month
There were 23 working members who worked 10 or more hours.
Megan A. will be Dept. Head for Gluten Free
Credit Card report handed out.

IT Specialist: Dale Bogardus
Dale will be changing our system to EONI (3 phone lines and internet).
Lap tops and supplies needed for inventory. Motion to buy 2 laptops was proposed MSUC (Dennis, Lynne)
**Discussion: regarding inventory, we hope to get this done ASAP. May 21 proposed, Saturday. We will plan to not close the store. It was also asked about having live inventory but this is not something that will happen yet…we will work towards in the future.

Member comments:
Great work – room to improve – music, craft beers, etc.
Asked about not having squirrels fed near the store as it is not sanitary and could be a health hazard.
Website – it was suggested that it needs some updates and adjustments.

Nominating Committee Update: (Many thanks to Jewel, Carolyn and Pat for our three nominees – information posted at the Co-op.) Free time and open discussion offered to nominated new board members. No questions for the current board. 2 Member at Large positions open, President position too.
Loans – We got a nibble on the 10th Street property. So we will wait to see what happens with that before we decide to pay off any of the current loans. (White paper prepared by Dennis Winkler regarding current loans handed out.)

Annual Meeting Agenda discussed:
Agenda to include:
Update for the members, Current Financials, Tasting Fair information, Seminar – supplement information (Clyde), Location: Heart ‘n Home 3370 10th Street STE E, Election (Val to run).
Elections: In store voting 2 weeks prior to meeting. Valerie to make sure that this happens. No conflict with Dept Head being Board Member. It was agreed .

Other stuff
Trail Tenders – fund raiser for Interpretive Center. ? Donation?
Gail Hammond – Master Gardner’s Symposium – $50 donation?
Motion made to do $25 dollar gift certificate for Trail Tenders, $50 donation to Master Gardner’s. Community donations. MSUC (Dennis, Ann)

With no further business MSUC (Ann, Lloyd) the meeting adjourned @ 1948
Respectfully submitted: Valerie Potter, Baker Food Co-op Board of Director’s Secretary. (Accepted by BoD at 4.12.16 meeting)