January 16th Board of Directors Meeting Notes

The Board of Directors meeting notes for January 16th 2018.

Convened: 6:08 pm
Present: Dennis Winkler, President; Lloyd Nelson, Vice President, Dawn, Coles, Treasurer, Clyde
Christian, Secretary: BoD Member; Elizabeth Smithson, Carol Morrison, general Manager, Members,
Larry Christian, John Busch, Dawn-Marie deLar, and Esa Murrell, newsletter editor for 2018.

 Secretary’s Report: Clyde
 The report was given. A motion was made to accept the report, seconded, and passed without

Rental Discussion: John Busch
 John presented a floorplan of the rental area and his assessment of the needs to make the area inviting
to potential renters. John noted that the basement area was clear and dry, suitable for storage.
Approximate footage: 33 x 16 or 500 sq feet per level. 12 ft ceilings.
1 Floor replacement in front (Co-op has about 80% of the needed flooring available)
2 Plugged drains – depending on renter’s usage, would remain that way
3 Walls painted, windows cleaned
4 Both doors replaced (4 ft – heavy duty)
5 Work on clean-up and/or repair of heater grate area
Or: The area could be absorbed into Co-op. Due to budget constraints, this was tabled.
 A committee was formed including John Busch, Elizabeth Smithson, and Dawn-Marie deLar.
Meeting for the committee is set for January 18, 2018, at 9:15 am at the Co-op.

Treasurer’s Report: Dawn
 A net profit of $611 was noted as well as the current bank balance of $25,000. An amount of $825
from interest was added back into the account. It was noted that the amount paid each month since
April 2017 was not being shown in the accounting and was the reason the bank balance was down.
 Dawn noted that taxes would be due at the end of the month but that due to the loss of sales (daily
average sales were down again at $1620 that taxes should be minimal. It was noted that the daily
average sales for the past five years were $1660.
 Inventory on hand per bookkeeping was at $84,000.
 Accounting on write-offs for store usage, product loss, and damage was discussed and Carol will
see if CoPas has a way to report these.
 Dawn noted that the insurance had increased to a total of $205.

Budget for 2018: Dawn
 Dennis and Dawn met to set up the draft for the 2018 budget.
 Dawn offered to donate any hours accrued in booking over her base rate. The BoD thanked her and
accepted at this time.
 It was decided that the theater advertising was not producing substantial results and would be
 Elizabeth offered to research different types of cost-effective marketing, such as the online postings
Ken has been doing the past few months.
 An attempt to update the Owner/Member data was proposed to allow for email marketing and to
ensure that all Owner/Members were receiving their newsletters.
 The BoD had a discussion on the cost of credit card sales. Dawn will calculate the actual cost and report to the BoD electronically. Carol will discuss with staff and reinforce the need to collect that
percentage with cashiers. A motion was made to allow Dawn to determine the correct percentage and
raise the collected percentage to no more than 4% without further debate or discussion by the BoD.
motion was made, seconded, and passed without objection.
 Dawn noted that the CoPas fees had gone up by $10.
 Dawn reported that the Chamber of Commerce does place marketing notices in their handouts and
that one could be prepared to be added to their next publication.
 A motion was made to cancel marketing in the “Health and Wellness” magazine, seconded, and
passed without objection.
 Dennis noted that the principle on the loans should be accounted as well as interest since we are
now paying on the principle for one loan.
 It was decided after discussion that the IT costs would be lowered to $1500.
 It was decided after discussion that the legal fee would be dropped.
 Dawn noted that the wages were about the same as 2016 but that workmen’s compensation billing
was down.
 It was decided after discussion that the cost and/or billing of supplies would be discussed with Toni
so that they could be included in the accounting. Carol noted that the Co-op did recoup the cost of
 A discussion on increasing the amount of mark-up was opened.
 Carol noted and Dennis confirmed that the price margin had not increased in a minimum of five
years and most probably longer.
The meeting adjourned for a ten-minute recess was reconvened at 8:40 pm.
 Dennis noted that he had received a note from Ken noting his disinclination to raise prices. Further
discussion and suggestions of cost-cutting ensued.
1 A gradual increase of certain items to 1.56 from 1.54.
2 Selective discounts on overstocks, coming out of date etc.
3 A weekly sale on produce on Wednesday to move overripe etc stock.
4 Reduction of discount to working members.
5 Ordering less and more often.
 Discussion on the 10th St. property. Dawn noted that the balance was at $99,000. A motion was
made to lower the asking price on the property to $99,000, seconded, and passed without objection.
 A motion was made to adjust select items to have their margin raised from 1.54 to 1.56, seconded,
and passed without objection except the letter from Ken.

Staff Reports: Carol
 Inventory assignments were discussed and Carol asked for Members to sign-up so that computers
could be assigned.
 Carol noted that George Wheaton has taken over as Dept Head for bulk oils. She also informed the
BoD that workers in dry bulk and cashiering were still needed.

Old Business: Dennis
 Discussion on stocking CBD was tabled.

New Business:
 Dawn-Marie suggested that a marketing committee be formed and made a few suggestions.
 Dennis noted that elections were pending in April and asked for the formation of a nomination
 Clyde noted that she would be willing to run for a second term.
 Clyde will print and deliver the “Working Member Program” flyers to the Co-op.

 Elizabeth will prepare a proposed list of what and how to ‘spruce up’ the store.
Draft submitted January 22, 2018, by Clyde Christian, secretary.

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