2020 Elections

As the COVID 19 virus continues to challenge our daily lives there are some items we would like to move forward. Though we are canceling our Annual Meeting scheduled for April 21st we
would like to move forward with the elections for the new Board of Directors members.

In-store voting will be available April 7th through April 21st as in the past. But due to limited store hours and social distancing, we would like to offer the opportunity for our members to vote online (voting is now closed 4/21/2020).
Four current Board Members are continuing their terms: Jana Simpson, Roberta Morin, Cheri Smith, and Carol Guthrie.

We are pleased to have the following nominees for election to the Baker Food Coops Board of Directors.

Ann Mehaffy
Barbara O’Neal
Jake Bowers


There is one more item on the ballot this year. It is the approval of the 2nd reading of a proposed bylaw change to Article 4: 2 e. This change essentially allows the Board of Directors to select and approve by majority vote the Officers of the Board, rather than having people run for specific board positions. The full wording of the proposed bylaw change and biographies of our Board nominees can be reviewed on the above links.
Proposed bylaw change to Article 4: 2 e

We appreciate our member’s ongoing support through the years and urge you to vote in this year’s elections showing your support for the Board of Directors and the Baker Food Co-op.
Thank you and stay healthy.

The Baker Food Coop Board of Directors