Board of Directors Nominees

Ann Mehaffy
Ann MehaffyAnn is a licensed real estate agent and an active community volunteer, currently sitting on the Public Arts Commission and the Historic District Design Review Commission. In the past she served on the Farmers Market Board, Historic Baker City, Inc Board, and Crossroads Carnegie Board, we well as volunteered for many community events and functions. Her chief passion and interests are art, gardening, and sustainable agriculture. High-quality food is an important aspect of her life; it is only natural that she is keen to join the Baker Food Co-op Board of Directors.


Jake Bowers
Jake works in Baker City ensuring the wellbeing of society’s most vulnerable. Jake received his Master’s Degree in Conflict and Dispute Resolution from the University of Oregon, School of Law. In his free time, Jake enjoys running, cycling, and exploring Eastern Oregon. He is running to serve as a board member so that he can help to promote health and wellbeing in our community. If elected, Jake’s focus areas include: informing members of resources available at the Co-op, increasing community events, and supporting the growth of the Co-op.

Barbara O’Neal
Barbara O'nealI am interested in serving on the Baker Food Co-op board because I value its products, services, and community and because I would like to help it thrive. I have been a food coop member almost my entire adult life and joined the BFC when we retired and moved here three years ago. I have worked on food system issues as part of my career and volunteer activities, including serving on the board of a county-wide food bank, helping set up food pantries in small rural communities, and being a founding member of a Food Policy Council. I have practical business, research, leadership and writing experience, mostly in the not-for-profit sector but also in the business sector. As a founder/member/owner of a cooperative art studio (formed as a C-corp but run cooperatively) I’m familiar with the challenges inherent in cooperative endeavors. I’m practical and businesslike, but also congenial and collaborative.