Board of Directors

George Wheaton – President

Lloyd Nelson – Vice President

Dennis Winkler – Director at Large

Marria Knight – Director at Large

Ken Krohn – Director at Large

Ramona Webb – Director at Large

2019 Board Nominees


The following candidate, Sheri King, was late in submitting her name to run for Member at Large in the election this month, but your Board of Directors has decided to add her name so you, our owner/members, can decide. Under our By-Laws, (Article 4:3)a.) she submitted her name after the date on which the candidates were to be posted. We will look at a change in the By-Laws in the future to clarify the procedures for becoming a candidate.

Sheri King

I am honored to be nominated to fill the vacancy of Member-at-Large. It has been a number of years since I last served as a Board Member.
During my 23 years as a Co-op member-owner, I have been privileged to serve as a Board member for 4 years and cashier for who knows how many years. In 2014/2015 Bart Murray and I collaborated with the Board to update the Policies and Procedures Manual. Throughout the years I remained involved in various projects and events. I understand the workings of the Co-op and feel my business background would be an asset to fulfill our mission of providing healthy, affordable products to our community.